Screencastify Chrome Extension

October 21, 2022
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Screencastify Chrome Extension

Screencastify Chrome Extension allows users to capture, edit, and share screen recordings using the Chrome plugin Screencastify.

This solution can be utilize by Schools, customer service representatives, sales teams. Users of the Chrome browser may produce videos with Screencastify Chrome Extension that include demonstrations, tutorials, lectures, and presentations.

Videos can be shared through Google Drive, uploaded to YouTube, or exported as MP3/MP4 files.


The best Chrome screen recorder. Quickly record, edit, and share videos in seconds.

The most dependable video-making app is Screencastify Chrome Extension. Videos may be quickly created, edited, and shared. Plus, use interactive questions to swiftly gauge audience comprehension.

Include your desktop, browser tab, and/or webcam in your video to demonstrate your presentation, concepts, and personality.

Be a part of a vibrant community of video producers.

  • Millions of users per week
  • In 2020, 100 million videos will be produced.
  • One of the most popular screen recorders for Chrome
  • Extremely simple to understand and utilize

Create engaging videos with our easy to use tools

  • Record your camera, desktop, and/or active browser tab.
  • Use your microphone’s audio to narrate.
  • Include a webcam in the recording.
  • Add annotations using the mouse effects, stickers, or our pen tool.

Editing made easy

  • Trim the beginning of your videos’ and the ending.
  • Combine footage from different sources.
  • To make your movie more interesting, add text, trim it, blur it, and zoom in.

Share with our audience wherever the are

  • See who viewed your videos.
  • Include questions to assess audience understanding
  • View and distribute videos on Google Drive.
  • Share to PlayPosit, Remind, Wakelet, or Google Classroom
  • Post content straight to your YouTube channel.
  • Manage and save local video files
  • Export to MP4 or animated GIF

Available free

  • Create and store up to 10 videos for free or upgrade for limitless video production.
  • Upgrade to save and record videos that are longer than 30 minutes.


“Screencastify Chrome Extension is the simplest screen recording program I’ve ever used. Even my third-graders quickly mastered it. Jillian B (Elementary School Teacher)

“Screencastify Chrome Extension is wonderful. With my pupils and the staff at school, I use it in a wide variety of ways. It is simple to use and simple to allow others to see posted videos. When I tried it, IT WAS SO EASY! At first, I wanted to wait “until I had time” to master the software. —Kristin D. (Teacher at Pelham NH District)

“With only two clicks, I had all 1200 children in my district set up on Screencastify Chrome Extension. It was nearly TOO simple!” – Greg P. (Director of Technology)

“Screencastify Chrome Extension has changed the game for my classroom and is really simple to use.” Melissa S (Teacher at Baldwin County Schools)

How do people use Screencastify Chrome Extension to communicate more simply?


  • Make educational movies for your pupils, whether they are college students or kindergarteners, to keep their attention.
  • Produce evaluation films to save time and have a bigger effect.
  • Use video lessons in flipped or mixed learning.
  • Have your pupils practice public speaking or other languages
  • Interactive questions make it simple to assess students’ comprehension.

At Work

  • Ditch emails in favor of more efficient forms of communication.
  • Send interesting messages to your coworkers, users, and clients.
  • Make engaging training films for your staff

Everyone else:

We’ve been able to accommodate just about each and every video concept thanks to our millions of weekly users, from professional YouTubers to UFO researchers. Why are you holding out? Install Screencastify Chrome Extension and share your films with the world.


  • Screencasts are recorded as ogg vorbis-enabled webm/vp8 files.
  • Videos may be uploaded to Youtube, saved to your Google Drive, stored locally as a variety of file kinds (GIF, MP4, etc.), or shared practically anyplace through a link.
  • Screencastify Chrome Extension operates on Chrome OS, Chromebooks, and Chromeboxes since it is not dependent on any third-party software (such Java, Flash, or other plugins).
  • Screen recording requires a lot of CPU power. When a screencast has numerous open apps and tabs, older or less powerful machines may slow.

Privacy practices

Screencastify – Screen Video Recorder has disclosed the following information regarding the collection and usage of your data. More detailed information can be found in the publisher’s privacy policy.

This publisher declares that your data is:

  • Save and not being sold to third parties and only being used for the intended purposes
  • Not being used or transferred for activities other than those necessary to use the item as intended
  • Not being applied or transmitted for the purpose of evaluating creditworthiness or lending.

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