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October 19, 2022
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Stylish Chrome Extension

Stylish Chrome Extension have the ability of customizing any website using unique user styles (themes for websites). Change the color scheme, background, and skin for Google, Facebook, YouTube, and many more websites by selecting from the biggest userstyles collection.


With millions of themes, skins, and free backgrounds available, you can instantly add your own color scheme to any website.

Make your own website with Stylish:

  • For some of the most well-known websites, like Roblox, Youtube, Facebook, Google, and others, choose from hundreds of thousands of themes!
  • Customize fonts, skins, social network accounts, website backgrounds, color palettes, and even animations.
  • Any installed style may be quickly and simply disabled, enabled, edited, or deleted.
  • Using the CSS editor in Stylish Chrome Extension, you may create and distribute your own user styles to millions of users.
  • Join one of the world’s largest creative communities now.
  • Trusted by millions of users!

Develop a unique style

Create and distribute styles for any well-known website by working as a theme designer if you are familiar with CSS.

Request a Style

If you come across a website that lacks style or you want a new style produced based on your favorite musician, movie, or holiday.

Click here to access our archived (inactive) forum:

Significant notes

  • Your understanding of our data practices is crucial to us since we value your privacy:
    For the pages you visit, Stylish Chrome Extension offers recommendations, access to related styles, and information on how frequently each style has been installed. As stated in our privacy statement at, we gather anonymous surfing information to make this service possible. This information includes: All Host, tabs, webNavigation, webRequest, context Menus, and storage. On the add-on option page, you may always disable this automated data collecting because it is not used to identify specific users.
  • The ‘Style Library’ page does not currently support Global themes. They are available via the website library.

Stylish Chrome Extension Communities

Getting in Touch

Stylish is a living and evolving product, Stylish Chrome Extension is always evolving and expanding. Please get in touch with us at If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations about Stylish. When we can, we’ll respond to you.

At, you can discover tutorials using Stylish, as well as instructions on installing styles (themes), creating them, and adding them to the Stylish library.

Visit the theme’s page on the Stylish website and get in touch with the style designer if you come across a damaged theme there. The Stylish community is ready to hear criticism and quite receptive. If you enjoy the themes, don’t forget to give them a thumbs up!

Follow the guidelines at to create your own styles.

  • Take note that the ‘Style Library’ option does not presently support App and Global themes. They may be reached via the website library:

Web apps are available at

Global Styles may be viewed at

Privacy Practices

Your understanding of our data policies is crucial to us because we respect your right to privacy:
You may access appropriate styles suggested by Stylish Chrome Extension for the websites you frequent, and you can also see how many times each style has been installed. We gather surfing information to make this service available, as described in our privacy policy.

The URLs you’ve visited, your IP address, the operating system and browser you’re using, as well as the date and time stamp, are all part of the internet usage information that is gathered.

You may always choose not to accept this automated data collection on the add-on option page. The data obtained is not utilized or collected in a way that would allow the identification of any specific user.

According to this publisher, your data:

Will not be sold to other parties and will only be used for the intended purpose

Can not be used or transmitted for activities other than those necessary to use the item as intended

Will not be applied or transmitted for the purpose of evaluating creditworthiness or lending

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