SEO Minion Chrome Extension

September 21, 2022
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SEO minion chrome extension
SEO minion chrome extension

SEO Minion chrome extension is an extension that helps you with everyday SEO duties including On-Page SEO analysis, Broken Link Checking, Hreflang Checker, SERP Preview, Google Location Simulator, and others, SEO Minion is an extension created to just help you. In this article, we will be telling you more about this particular chrome extension

Until then, we can continue to attest to the fact that the SEO Minion chrome extension is a completely free SEO tool.

In actuality, SEO Minion chrome extension is far from being a 100% free tool given all the excellent capabilities it provides.

Surprisingly though, it does. As of right now, SEO Minion is still a resounding success and is very well-liked by users, who give it excellent reviews on both Chrome and Firefox

More than 200,000 users have given the tool 516 5-star reviews on Chrome; on Firefox, the number of users is lower but still significant. 42 reviews with a perfect five-star rating and more than 4000 people are visible.

SEO Minion’s Extension Description

With SEO chrome extension you can perform essential SEO analyses and activities by customizing your surfing experience. It was crea ed using well-known programming languages. 

Statistics show that more than any other marketing strategy, SEO and organic visitors create more prospects according to 61% of B2B marketers. 

This indicates that you will benefit much more if you concentrate most of your efforts on keeping track of and addressing performance issues with your website. 

SEO Minion is a tool that enables you to keep a daily eye on your website in terms of natural referencing in order to accomplish this noteworthy duty.


This extension is suitable for your gadget as it handles your everyday SEO activities, such as On-Page SEO analysis, Broken Link Checking, SERP Preview, and others, which are made easier with the aid of SEO Minion.

You can do the activities below with the aid of this free SEO tool:

(1) Examine On-Page SEO – examine the HTML of any webpage to view relevant data that will assist you in improving On-Page SEO and notify you of any problems.

(2) Highlight All Links to rapidly view all of a webpage’s links, both internal and external

(3) Check for Broken Links: Examine each link on a page to see if there are any that need to be fixed.

(4) Hreflang Checker: Determine whether the hreflang tag is legitimate and whether return tags are present.

(5) SERP Preview: View your website on a live, updated version of a Google search result.

(6) The Google search location simulator allows users to view the same keyword’s non-personalized search results across two distinct locations and languages.

(7) SERP Utilities: copy/download Google SERP URLs and data, including Organic, Advert, Local, Product, Video, Image, Fresh, News, FAQ listings, and PAA data.

Observing Privacy

Regarding the gathering and use of your data, the SEO Minion extension has made the following disclosures. The publisher’s privacy statement provides more specific information.

  • According to this publisher, your data is:
  • Other than for the permitted use cases, not being sold to third parties
  • It must not be used or transferred for activities other than those necessary to use the item as intended.
  • not being applied or transmitted for the purpose of evaluating creditworthiness or lending.

Benefits of SEO Minion:

  • Analyze On-Page SEO by looking at the HTML of any webpage to see useful details that may be used to improve On-Page SEO and identify any problems.
  • Highlight All Links to quickly view all of a webpage’s links, both internal and external
  • Check the correctness of the hreflang tag and any return tags with the help of the Hreflang Checker.
  • SERP Preview allows you to examine a live, updated preview of your website on a Google search result.
  • View non-personalized Google search results for a single term across two distinct location/language combinations using the Google search location simulator.
  • SERP Utilities: copy/download Google SERP data and URLs for listings in the organic, advertiser, local, product, video, image, fresh, news, and FAQ categories. To know more about the extension watch

Final Thoughts About The Extension

SEO Minion chrome extension significantly raises the SEO of your website. Your daily SEO responsibilities are made easier, and it also checks for broken links. You can analyze web pages’ On-Page SEO with the tool’s help.

Consequently, you have the chance to discover helpful information that will enable you to optimize this SEO component with a thorough investigation of any technical issues.

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