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November 11, 2022
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GMass chrome extension

GMass Chrome Extension is an email platform that is simple to understand and use; it operates within Gmail or Google Workspace, so no new software is required. GMass chrome extension makes it simple for academics to send tailored emails using mail merge from a Google Sheet.


Gmail’s advanced mass email and mail merging mechanism. Simple and effective email marketing within Gmail.

  • Send email marketing campaigns to tens of thousands of recipients.
  • Send cold emails to prospects and automate follow-up.
  • Mail merge with Google Sheets data.
  • Personalize mass emails in Google Sheets using the recipient’s name, email address, and any available columns.
  • Plan to send mass emails later.
  • The track starts and clicks.
  • Send follow-up emails to people who opened, clicked, or responded to a previous campaign, as well as those who did not open, click, or respond.
  • Generate recipient lists depending on search results in real time.
  • Connect your GMass account to an external SMTP service like Sendgrid to send unlimited emails from your Gmail account.
  • Also, emails can be delivered as replies to the most recent chat you had with each recipient.

GMass chrome extension is always being improved. GMass can be found on the web and on social media.


All features are described in detail on the website

How does GMass stack up against other Gmail extensions?

Mixmax is a fantastic plugin, but you must send campaigns through their external web platform. GMass chrome extension does it’s magic inside Gmail, utilizing only the red GMass button.

Yesware: like Mixmax, you cannot send campaigns from within Gmail. You must make advantage of their web interface.

Furthermore, Mixmax and Yesware are both more expensive than GMass.

Mailtrack: Tracks individual emails, but GMass chrome extension eliminates the need for Mailtrack because it can track both individual and campaign emails. Use the GMass button on both one-on-one and campaign emails.

Copper is a good CRM system, but it is not designed to send email campaigns.

Finally, GMass chrome extension integrates with Grammarly to ensure that your campaigns contain immaculate writing and are error-free.

Privacy Practices

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This publication declares that your information is:

  • Aside from the approved use cases, no products are sold to third parties.
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GMass Chrome Extension also exist for androids on Google play store and App Store – Apple.

Download GMass for Android on Google Play Store.

Download GMass for iOS on App Store – Apple.

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