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October 7, 2022
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Equatio chrome extension

Equatio chrome extension makes math digital, assisting instructors and students of all grade levels in rapidly and simply creating mathematical expressions. Almost any mathematical phrase can be typed or handwritten straight on your keyboard or touchscreen. No complex coding or programming languages are required.


Equatio chrome extension helps create mathematical formulae, equations, and tests with ease. Without having to master a difficult arithmetic code, one may intuitively type or write.

Writing arithmetic expressions and equations on your computer has been sluggish and time-consuming up to this point.

Almost any mathematical phrase may be typed or handwritten straight on your keyboard or touchscreen. No complex coding or programming languages are required.

Equatio extension converts your ideas into precise, on-screen formulae in an instant. It understands that you mean “square root” when you enter “sq.” And it pays attention. Equatio chrome extension is intelligent enough to overlook “umms,” “errs,” and other undesired non-math terms when you speak a formula aloud.

The Equatio chrome extension makes arithmetic and other STEM disciplines interesting and rewarding for every learner, going beyond simply replacing pen and paper.


  • Create mathematical expressions, such as equations and formulas.
  • Supports Google Docs, Forms, Slides, Sheets, and Drawings.
  • Keyboard input, touchpad or touchscreen-based handwriting recognition, and voice dictation.
  • Makes educated guesses while you type or write, similar to predictive text on a smartphone.
  • Listen to your math equations being read out loud.
  • LaTeX input compatible for advanced users.
  • Design interactive online math tests.
  • Directly enter student replies into online tests.
  • Formula prediction for chemistry.

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