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October 27, 2022
Updated 2022/10/27 at 10:29 AM
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OneTab Chrome Extension helps you when you have too many open tabs in the Chrome browser, use the “OneTab” button to turn them all into a single list by clicking it. You can either restore the tabs one at a time or all at once when you need to access them again. Whit OneTab Chrome Extension, you are able to save 95% and reduce memory clutter.


If you ever have too many open tabs, simply click the OneTab button to turn them all into a list. You can either restore the tabs one at a time or all at once when you need to access them again.

Because you will have fewer tabs active in Google Chrome while your tabs are in the OneTab list, you will save up to 95% of memory.

How to make money with OneTab?

OneTab Chrome Extension is not designed to make money, it is free of charge. OneTab Chrome Extension was created to help satisfy our need and to help the world at large.

Additional Benefits

Depending on how many scripts are currently running inside your tabs, moving your scripts to OneTab may help speed up your computer by lowering the CPU load. Additionally, there have been allegations that this speeds up your computer’s recovery from sleep.

More Features

OneTab Chrome Extension helps your taps to be simply exported and imported as a list of URLs. To share your tabs with others, other computers, or your smartphone or tablet, you may also turn your list of open tabs into a web page.

You can reorder the tabs in your OneTab list by dragging and dropping them. Tabs can also be restored while pressing the Ctrl or Cmd key; in this case, they will stay in your OneTab list (meaning you can use OneTab as a way of quickly launching a set of commonly used tabs).

Retina displays are supported by OneTab. Remember that OneTab Chrome Extension is made to keep any “pinned” tabs you have in their current location.

If you unintentionally close the OneTab window, if your browser crashes, or if you restart your computer, your list of open tabs won’t be lost.

2022 Update: We’ve been working incredibly hard to improve OneTab Chrome Extension, especially by integrating many of your feature requests. With considerable momentum, we are now working on it full-time. We appreciate all of your intelligent comments, so please keep them coming.

Privacy Practices

Your privacy is important to us. Your tab URLs are never sent or exposed to the OneTab Chrome Extension creators or anyone else, and Google creates icons for tab URL domains.

The only exception to this rule is if you consciously choose to use our “share as a web page” tool, which enables you to upload your list of open tabs into a web page and share them with others.

Unless you specifically utilize the “share as a web page” button, tabs are never shared.

According to this publisher, your data is:

  • Safe and secure and not being sold to third parties and only being used for the intended purposes
  • Isn’t being used or transferred for activities other than those necessary to use the item as intended
  • Not being applied or transmitted for the purpose of evaluating creditworthiness or lending

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How to install OneTab

To install OneTab in under 5 seconds, click here.

How to uninstall OneTab

Simply right click on the OneTab icon in Google Chrome, and click ‘Remove from Chrome’.

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