Super Dark Mode Chrome Extension

November 4, 2022
Updated 2022/11/04 at 2:01 PM
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Super Dark Mode Chrome Extension

With the Super dark mode chrome extension, you can darken any website’s backdrop and modify the colors of any website you like.
The Super Dark Mode chrome extension can darken nearly all websites, and Chrome can also darken locally stored files like PDFs. When you browse the internet at night on a screen, your eyes may finally rest comfortable.

How to use SDM

Manually turn on/off the dark mode:

After installing the Super Dark Mode, you must reload all open webpages.

To enable/disable dark mode, click the extension icon or use the shortcut: Ctrl+Q (Windows, Linux, Chromebook), CMD+Q (Mac) (Mac).

Automatic schedule:

  • Right-click the extension icon and select “Options.” In section 1, navigate to “Automatic Schedule” and enable “Auto ON/OFF.”

Exclude or include a website from dark mode:

  • Right click on the site to select.
  • Select “Super Dark Mode” > “Disable/Enable Super Dark Mode Chrome Extension for this site” or Ctrl+Shift+E (Windows, Linux, Chromebook), CMD+Shift+E (Mac) (Mac).

Website color customization:

  • On the options page, go to “General Dark Themes” and select “Modern Dark Theme.”
  • Change the colors to your satisfaction.

Reduce brightness/contrast:

  • To do this, go to “Advanced settings” on the option page and adjusting the value bar.

Personalize the Global CSS:

  • Navigate to “Custom CSS” on the choice page and enter CSS rules.
  • Select the “Save and Apply” option.

Fill in the backdrop with the pattern:

  • Navigate to “Advanced Settings” on the option page and select “Enable Pattern.”

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