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YAIOA September 7, 2022
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7 Min Read Website is the top global marketplace for student accommodation, assisting students in finding their ideal residence abroad. 

Our worldwide staff has already assisted hundreds of students in finding housing since it was created in 2011.

 We have the most comprehensive and carefully curated selection of rooms that were created and are run particularly for students. 

This provides you with the freedom to go through and evaluate a range of rooms in various neighbourhoods so that you may choose wisely. 

A secure and motivating foundation is provided by selecting the ideal house. It aids in your development and allows you to maximize your adventure. Because of this, we examine and approve each housing provider we highlight. We assist students in finding the ideal space for their requirements as a result. Because of this, we built Website.

All of us uphold our principles.

Beginning with the ideal area to live in, we are by your side throughout every stage of your academic journey. 

We work hard to treat every student with enthusiasm, honesty, quality, and a positive attitude because we want to provide you with complete peace of mind.


What it does

  1. Select a room.

Locate the top dorms for students close to your school. Various accommodation kinds are available at your selected pricing.

  1. Booking request

Make a reservation request for the ideal room after you’ve discovered it. For no cost, one of our knowledgeable booking advisers will contact you and walk you through the following stages. Nothing will be required of you at this time.

  1. Sign the agreement and pay

We are here to assist you at any time during the reservation process. After you sign your contract, you’ll have to provide the landlord with your rent.


Questions mostly asked

Can my pals and I cohabit?

Of course! 

After submitting your application and signing in to the Website application system, go to the ‘Preferences’ area under ‘My Details’ and indicate under ‘Other Requirements’ that you like to live with friends. Do not forget to mention their names in this section of your application. Be sure to include your name on your friends’ applications as well, and we’ll try to process the bookings jointly.

Can I plan a property visit before making a reservation?

Of course! You must fill out an application on our website in order for us to schedule a viewing of a property. Once we have all of your information, you may get in touch with one of our booking specialists, who will set up a property viewing for you.

What do the various room types we provide mean?

On Website, there are three distinct room kinds.

Combined Room

 Enjoy the shared atmosphere of a room that may accommodate two or more people on separate beds. Other rooms share any additional living space and amenities. To learn more, see the property description.

Private Space

In a private room, there is no need to share; your space is all to yourself. Get to know your neighbours if there are any shared amenities or additional living areas. To learn more, see the property description.

Unwind in the seclusion of a completely independent residence. You have your own personal living quarters, kitchen, and bathroom. Apply with friends as a group to rent larger spaces at a lower rate.

 Do you need more help?

Fees & Payments

What is included in the rent? Do I have to pay additional fees?

You have the right to live there if you pay the rent. A lot of properties also include all utilities in the rental costs. For further information, kindly speak with a booking specialist.

How can I make my rental payments?

There are two ways to pay your rent fees: bank transfer or pay with credit/debit card.

Do I need to pay a deposit? How much is the deposit?

A deposit is required to reserve your reservation with the landlord or property. For additional information, get in touch with a booking guru.


Booking with

How can I reserve a room?

Starting the process of booking a room is simple. Request a room booking by browsing our extensive range of establishments. An hotel booking specialist will get in touch with you after you submit the booking request form to start the booking process. More information is available on ourHow It Works” page.

Do I have to attend school?

Yes, the majority of housing is exclusively available to full-time students.

Can I choose my own room?

Once you make a reservation request, a booking specialist will coordinate with the property manager to find a room that meets your needs.

Describe a guarantor. Do I require one?

A guarantor is someone who co-signs the lease and will cover the rent if the renter is unable to do so (often a family member). 

If the renter cannot provide sufficient cash or income to sustain the necessary rental payments, many properties demand a guarantor.


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Move into your new home and enjoy your student journey!



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