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September 20, 2022
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sites like Vk(Service)
sites like Vk(Service)

Today, we will be talking about sites like Vk(service), VK (short for its original name VKontakte; Russian: онтактe, meaning InContact) is a Saint Petersburg-based Russian social media and networking website.

Although VK is available in many languages, Russian speakers are the ones that use it most frequently. Users of VK can communicate with one another in public or privately, form groups, publish pages and events, exchange and annotate photographs, audio, and video, and play games in web browsers.

VK had at least 500 million accounts as of August 2018. As of March 2022, it is Russia’s fourth most visited website. Prior to being outlawed by the Ukrainian parliament in 2017, the network was also well-liked there.VK is now ranked as the sixteenth most popular website worldwide by SimilarWeb.


between 2006 and 2012, a number of VKontakte users registered VKontakte’s creator, Pavel Durov, on October 10, 2010, his 26th birthday.

On January 19, 2007, VKontakte was established as a Russian private limited business. Soon after graduating from St. Petersburg State University in September 2006, VKontakte’s creator Pavel Durov made it available for beta testing.

The domain name was registered the next month. The site expanded swiftly even though user registration was first only permitted via invitation inside university circles.

The website surpassed 100,000 users in February 2007 and was acknowledged as the second-largest company in Russia’s emerging social network market.

The website experienced a significant DDoS attack in the same month, which briefly forced it offline. In July 2007, there were one million users. By April 2008, there were ten million.

In December 2008, VK surpassed rival Odnoklassniki to become the most widely used social networking site in Russia.


VK prior to 2015, The site’s primary features include private chat and sharing of images, status updates, and links with friends, just like the majority of social networks.

In addition, VK includes capabilities for running celebrity pages and online communities. Users of the website can post, search for, and stream media files including music and videos.

VK has a sophisticated search engine that supports complex friend-finding queries and real-time news searches. In April 2016, VK upgraded its functionality and appearance.

Features of VK (Services)


Messages can be sent and received between groups of 2 to 500 people using VK. The recipient can also be a specific email address. Up to 10 photos, videos, audio files, maps (an embedded map with a manually placed marker), and documents can be attached to a message.


Each post a VK user makes on their profile wall can have up to 10 attachments, including media files, maps, and documents (see above).

Hashtags and user mentions are supported. The previews are automatically scaled and arranged in a magazine-style layout when there are multiple photo attachments.

There are two different modes for the news feed: all news (the default) and most interesting. On the website, there is a news recommendation engine, a real-time global search, and a user-specific search for posts and comments on particular users’ walls.


VK offers three different kinds of communities. Decentralized communities are better suited to accommodate groups (discussion boards, wiki-style articles, editable by all members, etc.).

A news feed-focused broadcasting platform for celebrities and companies is called Public pages. The primary distinction between the two types is found in the default settings.

The third kind of community is known as Events, and it is utilized for properly planning events like concerts.

VK “Like” button (Russian version)

such as buttons. In contrast to Facebook, VK’s like buttons for posts, comments, media, and external websites function differently. Liked content is retained in the private Favorites section rather than being automatically sent to the user’s wall.

To post something on a user’s wall or send it through a private message to a friend, they must click the “share with friends” option a second time.


Users have control over whether or not their content is accessible on the Internet and within their network. For sites and specific content, privacy settings can be both general and specific.

Connecting to other social networks in sync

On Facebook or Twitter, any news that is posted on the VK wall will also surface. Clicking the logo next to the “Send” button might prevent some news from being published.

In both cases, editing a post on VK does not affect the post on Facebook or Twitter. But deleting the news from VK also deletes it from other social media platforms.

the SMS service. Russian users can use SMS to send and receive private messages, as well as to comment on local news stories.


Users get access to the audio files that other users have submitted. Users can also upload their own audio recordings, make playlists, and exchange audio files by attaching them to messages and wall postings. Copyright regulations cannot be broken by the provided audio files.


  • According to Alexa’s Internet rating as of May 2017, VK is among the most popular websites in certain Eurasian nations. It is:
  • Fourth most visited country in Russia, followed by third in Belarus, sixth in Kazakhstan, and eighth in Kyrgyzstan.
  • The 12th most visited country in Latvia is [18] and Moldova
  • Before the Ukrainian government outlawed the use of VK in Ukraine in May 2017, it was the fourth most popular website in Ukraine.
  • According to a Factum Group Ukraine survey for May 2018, Facebook received twice as many visits as VK, which remained the fourth most popular website in Ukraine.
  • According to Alexa, VK was the social media platform that Ukrainians used the most in 2019. [23] The percentage of Ukrainian internet users who visit VK every day decreased from 54% to 10% between September 2016 and September 2019, according to the Internet Association of Ukraine. In November 2019, they asserted that Facebook was the most widely used social network. [24]
  • A Calltouch poll predicted that VK will gain the majority of the subscribers that Facebook and Instagram would have lost after they were prohibited in Russia in 2022.

Sites Like VK (service)


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