Top 10 Best Alternatives to Image Upscaler and Similar Apps

November 2, 2022
Updated 2022/11/02 at 10:44 AM
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Alternatives to Image Upscaler

Alternatives to Image Upscaler refers to an internet service that uses deep learning technology (GAN) to upscale photographs without sacrificing their quality. It is an Image Upscaling software in the photography & graphics category that allows you to enlarge photographs in the JPG, JPEG, and PNG formats.

There are more than 10 alternatives to Image Upscaler for a range of operating systems, including Online / Web-based, Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. Waifu2x, which is both free and open source, is the best substitute. Like Image Upscaler, Bigjpg, Let’s Enhance, Upscayl, and PhotoZoom Pro are other excellent applications.

Alternatives to Image Upscaler often include Image Upscaling Apps, but they can also include Image Editors or Video Editors. If you want a more focused list of options or are searching for a specific Image Upscaler feature, we’ve selected to 10 best image Upscaler you can choose from.

Image Upscaler History

  • Image Analytics
  • High DPI Displays
  • Chained Transformations
  • Effects and Filters
  • Cloud Storage
  • WebP Format
  • Progressive Rendering
  • Named Transformations
  • Auto Backup
  • Custom Domain
  • Privacy Control

10 Best Alternatives to Upscaler


Waifu2x is a deep convolutional neural networks for Image super-resolution [Upscaling] for Anime-style [Low Detail] Art or Images.

Web App: Online web application is available at

Scripting Language: Utilizing a command-line program with an integrated software library, upscale photos. uses either the Nvidia GPU (rapid with CUDA acceleration) or the CPU (very sluggish and resource-intensive) for upscaling.


Bigjpg is the use of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, the most recent (based on waifu2x). In order to enlarge photographs without sacrificing quality, it cleverly removes noise and serration in the images.

Let’s Enhance

This is an online platform which provides image upscaling, JPEG artifact removal, and color/tone enhancement.

The website now offers 4 different image editing filters: Photos and Art, Illustrations, Colors, and Textures.
For illustrations, sketches, logos, icons, and anime, the “Illustrations” filter enables upscaling without the “hallucinations” effect. Using an understanding of textures and patterns, “photos and art” enhance the details.


Alternatives to Image Upsclare, a cross-platform program created with the Linux operating system in mind. This means that while we give Linux builds higher priority than other builds, we won’t necessarily damage things for other OSes.

Note: But Upscayl cannot function without a GPU. To upscale images, your GPU must be compatible with Vulkan. The iGPU or CPU won’t function.

PhotoZoom Pro

PhotoZoom Pro also yields results of higher caliber. In addition to producing photographs that are larger than those made by any other program (up to 1 million by 1 million pixels).

PhotoZoom Pro is equipped with S-Spline Max, a special, award-winning image resizing technology that excels in maintaining sharpness, crisp edges, and fine details.

AI Image Enlarger

An online program called AI Img Enlarger uses deep learning and AI to enlarge photos without sacrificing quality.

Smart Upscaler

Smart Upscaler uses our Artificial Intelligence to expand and improve photos (also called super-resolution). We started with a collection of 5 million photos, and we continue to add data by synthesizing or shooting as needed.


Qualityscaler, a windows application called makes use of BSRGAN Artificial Intelligence to improve, expand, and lessen noise in images and movies.

The Super Photo Upscaler

Super Photo Upscaler is an image enhancer that uses AI image upscaling technology to automatically resize photos from low-resolution to high-resolution while maintaining clean edges and preserving quality.

The Waifu2x “Deep Convolutional Neural Networks” are used in the most recent version of Super Photo Upscaler to drastically increase the resolution of Manga and Anime images and provide better effects with more precise details. It can enlarge small, pixelated drawings to enhance their clarity and professional appearance while avoiding jagged edges and imperfections.

Lens – AI Image Upscaler

Nero Software’s Lens is an AI-powered application that quickly and automatically upscales photos. With the AI model as its underlying technology, Lens was created for photo editing and enhancing image quality, including sharpening, eliminating artifacts, restoring old shots, and blurring.

Visit the Websites:

Alternatives to Image Upscaler exist for androids on Google play store and App Store – Apple.

Download Alternatives to Image Upscaler for Android on Google Play Store.

Download Alternatives to Image Upscaler for iOS on App Store – Apple.


There are several Alternatives to Image Upscaler in the internet today. we’ll have listed about 10 Alternatives to Image Upscaler that you can choose from. We’ve carefully selected better Alternatives to Image Upscaler to keep you rolling.

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