eBay Website; Its Service Capabilities and Investment

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eBay Website
eBay Website

eBay Website is a global American e-commerce corporation with headquarters in San Jose, California, which enables both business-to-business and consumer-to-consumer transactions on its website. 

Along with the immediate “Buy It Now” purchasing option, shopping by Universal Product Code, ISBN, or another form of SKU number (through Half.com, which again was shut down in 2017), and other services have all been added to eBay in addition to the website’s initial auction-style sales. 

In the past, eBay included online money transfers (through PayPal, which it controlled exclusively from 2002 to 2015), online classified ads (via Kijiji, or eBay Classifieds Group), and digital event ticket trading (via StubHub) among its offerings.

In order to generate economic opportunity for everyone, we link individuals and form communities.

In more than 190 markets across the world, eBay opens doors for millions of merchants and customers. 

No matter who they are or where they are on the globe, everyone has the chance to develop and succeed because of our technology. 

Our job also has a cascading effect that affects our customers, our business, our communities, and our world.

For Sellers

Expand your consumer base and your business.

Regardless of size, history, or location, we give sellers the chance to expand a business with few barriers to entry. Never do we go up against our sellers. When our sellers succeed, we benefit.

For Buyers

Discover a wide range of options.

Customers who use the eBay mobile applications, as well as the global and regional marketplaces on ebay.com, benefit from a highly customized shopping experience and an unmatched assortment at competitive prices.

Our Leaders

Meet the eBay executives who are guiding the direction of our business and e-commerce in the future.


For our buyers, sellers, and developers, eBay offers ecommerce experiences that are inspirational. For more than 25 years, our success and client loyalty have been based on our commitment to innovation, which includes tools like artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, natural language processing, and machine translation.


People create companies on eBay every day. Donors provide the money that nonprofits need. In order to transform their ideas and visions into profitable businesses, entrepreneurs acquire new skills and get access to new markets.

Service Capabilities

Economic researchers have utilized eBay to study features of buying and selling behaviour, auction forms, etc., and compare them to prior theoretical and empirical findings. eBay is a publicly accessible market that has piqued economists’ attention.

Researchers that study computer information systems have also expressed an interest in eBay. Michael Goul, the head of the W’s division of computer information systems, A case study on eBay’s big data management and utilization was released by the P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. In it, the author describes how eBay is a data-driven firm that processes 50 petabytes of data per day.

A method used by eBay enables the company’s many divisions to check out data from their data mart into sandboxes for research. Goul claims that eBay’s data analytics have already led to major financial triumphs. Five thousand data analysts are employed by eBay to support data-driven decision-making.

Third party

An online contribution monitoring program called ItsDeductible was introduced by accounting software provider Intuit in 2006. To assist users in giving the objects they give a market value, the program incorporates information from eBay.

Visual search

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, eBay introduced an image search feature in July 2017 that enables users to identify items on the website that match an item portrayed in a photo.


The ELATE toolkit from the UK’s GCHQ is used to track target eBay usage.

Investments and former subsidiaries


On October 3, 2002, PayPal merged with eBay to form a wholly owned company. Its corporate offices were located in eBay’s North First Street satellite office facility in San Jose, California, in the United States. eBay Inc. stated on September 30, 2014, that it would spin off PayPal as a separate business. This transaction was finalized on July 20, 2015.


In the summer of 2004, eBay announced that it had purchased 25% of Craigslist, a website for classified ads. Phillip Knowlton, a former executive at Craigslist, said that his previous employer was informed of his intentions to sell his interests. At first, eBay promised Craigslist that it would not demand that Craigslist alter its business practices.


More than 480 million registered users worldwide now utilize the Skype VoIP and Instant Messaging services thanks to eBay Inc.’s acquisition of Skype Technologies in October 2005. eBay later sold a majority holding in Skype in November 2009, while keeping a minority position. This ultimately resulted in the sale of the whole Skype business to Microsoft in May 2011 for $8.5 billion.


In January 2007, it was claimed that eBay would buy StubHub for a purported $310 million. The firm had a highly successful year in 2007, conducting five million individual transactions, more than in the preceding six years combined, according to CNN Money. About 350 people were employed by StubHub at the time of the transaction. StubHub and Major League Baseball came to an exclusive deal eight months after the acquisition (MLB).


For an estimated $573 million, eBay purchased the Japanese division of Qoo10 in April 2018. Qoo10 is a market operated by Giosis and has the fourth-largest GMV in Japan. When the deal was finalized, eBay also gave up its interest in Giosis’ non-Japanese companies. With this purchase, eBay’s presence in one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces in the world—Japan—will be increased. In 2010, eBay Ltd. was first funded by Giosis Pte.


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