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October 5, 2022
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Sites like Rebrandly

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing about sites like Rebrandly. There are various sites like Rebrandly in the internet today.

Rebrandly is a link management application that offers a URL shortening service to internet users. The Dublin-based, privately held firm was started by Davide De Guz in 2015. Rebrandly shortens URLs for use in SMS, email, and offline marketing as well as social media messaging. By putting up their own custom domain shorteners, users may utilize the tool to make short links.

The system’s dashboard-style user interface incorporates marketing tools and domain registrar services like, Zapier, and Tweetbot.

The simplest method to create, distribute, and manage branded links is with Rebrandly. We provide organizations and people the option to brand and rename the links they share using a particular domain name of their choosing.

When using Rebrandly or sites like Rebrandly, you may create and share your branded links while browsing the Web straight through the browser extension. We then put it on your dashboard, where you can use our top-notch collection of tools to gauge the outcomes. With Rebrandly, you can easily register a new domain name and select from more than 500 different extensions, ranging and anything in between.


Rebrandly was introduced by De Guz in November 2015 at the Web Summit, which was held in Dublin that year.
It was De Guz’s third technology startup. He founded the online student community in 1999 while still a student in business school. Later, he established the analytics firm ClickMeter, which specializes in link monitoring. Rebrandly was created as a spinoff of ClickMeter and was designed to prioritize branding above data.

According to a 2015 article, the business hoped to obtain €5 million to set up shop in Silicon Valley.


This service is frequently used to manage links and add a brand identity to short URLs. Rebrandly is reportedly used by Neustar and Growth Tribe, among others. Job searchers and New York City firms who wish to exchange links with TLD also utilize it.

You may personalize Rebrandly’s short URLs in four different ways: by selecting a domain, TLD, URL slug, and an optional emoji.

Through Rebrandly’s user interface, users can purchase a domain directly or link an existing one by modifying the DNS settings.
Because they are simpler to read, write down, remember, and enter, short URLs are seen to be advantageous. They also work well in places with a restricted amount of text or characters, such email signatures, postings on social media, and printed publications. A brand name or keyword may be included in custom short links, sometimes referred to as branded links and vanity URLs.

To keep their messages below the 280 character restriction, Twitter users frequently utilize abbreviated URLs. Twitter shortens lengthy connections using its own custom domain, However, people that wish to protect their brand name will frequently utilize it in the links they publish.
The tools from sites like Rebrandly were created especially for social media managers, digital marketers, and brand specialists who care about their brands’ exposure and recognition. Some marketers also use URL shortening applications like Rebrandly or Bitly to track information from their links, such as the quantity of hits they receive.

Users may build links using Rebrandly’s dashboard, which is accessible through a browser. Additionally, it features browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari as well as applications for iOS and Android. Additionally, it provides an API key so that programs may generate custom short URLs automatically.


Rebrandly powers its links via HTTP 301 redirects. A user is forwarded from the short link site to the target URL location by the 301 redirect. Rebrandly also gives users the ability to change the short links they make using its service’s destination URL.

The micro service architecture is used by the service’s developers to provide its API.

Sites like Rebrandly


Bitly is also one of the sites like Rebrandly is a platform for managing links that assists individuals, brands, and companies in connecting their content and inspiring action with each link. Customize, distribute, and monitor your content links while collecting information and insights with each click.


TinyURL Quick, dependable, and user-friendly app. Its user interface is user-friendly. Simply paste your lengthy links into this program to reduce their size, and short, intelligent links that function identically to the previous ones will emerge.


Through the use of actual words to create custom-branded short links, BL.INK helps businesses “link smarter” so that their brand identity is elevated and their consumer engagement and trust are increased everywhere they connect online. According to research, short links that contain actual words are more memorable, more meaningful, and—most importantly—are the link format that will generate the most hits. Create and manage your short links with BL.INK, track user interaction, and fine-tune your marketing efforts. Therefore, BL.INK is also known to be a part of sites like Rebrandly.


For free, use digital analytics to enhance the user experience on your website or mobile application. Google Analytics provides businesses with detailed information on their websites, target markets, and digital marketing. Analytics, which is strong, adaptable, and simple to use, aids intelligent marketers in identifying the messaging and distribution channels that provide the greatest results. Modern testing and conversion attribution tools assist businesses of all sizes in improving user experiences and maximizing their digital strategies.


Semrush is one of the sites like Rebrandly, it is a well-known software-as-a-service platform for managing internet visibility. Semrush is a vital tool for all businesses that are serious about online presence. It offers more than 55 products, tools, and add-ons across online visibility management, including tools for search, content, social media, and market research, data for more than 142 countries, seamless integration with Google, and task management platforms.


A software firm called Ahrefs Pte. Ltd. creates free training resources for marketing professionals as well as online SEO tools. You may use the all-inclusive SEO toolkit from Ahrefs to: – Competitor research: discover the organic keywords, backlinking techniques, and PPC keywords of your rivals. Find the best backlink chances in your niche for link building. – Conduct extensive relevant keyword research to see how challenging it would be to rank. So we consider Ahrefs to be one of the few sites like Rebrandly.


Similarweb sheds light on the digital world. The tool that makes it simple for corporate executives, analysts, and marketers to find the greatest possibilities, recognize possible risks, and take crucial decisions that will increase website traffic and earnings.


The content intelligence platform from Conductor, Conductor Searchlight, produces consumer intent insights that result in captivating content, more traffic, and improved organic marketing ROI.


Sites like Rebrandly were listed in the article above. These sites have similar features like Rebrandly and there are better alternatives when it comes to choosing sites like Rebrandly.

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