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November 1, 2022
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Alternatives to Reditus

Alternatives to Reditus is a partner management platform for B2B SaaS companies which provides a platform that enables you to expand a new revenue stream outside of your own network without spending money on marketing.

It will help you manage and inspire partners in order to expand your partner program and revenue on auto-pilot. Alternatives to Reditus has been privacy verified, and we provide partners and clients with live chat as well as SEO-friendly connections. We want to assist you in expanding your SaaS because when you succeed, so will we.


Reditus is a service provider that works in the technology industry. It was established in 1966. It is a leading provider of solutions for businesses in the consulting, information technology, and process management sectors in Portugal (BPO and Contact Center).


The company “Reditus — Estudos de Mercado e Promoço de Vendas, SARL” is established and later changed its name to “Reditus — Processamento Automático de Informaço, SARL.” It is owned by the Banco da Agricultural and the Insurance Company “A Pátria” and is primarily focused on service provision (“Service Bureau”) and market research.


Integration of Alternatives to Reditus into a niche business organization. The business starts operating in fresh information technology markets, like micro computing.


Establishing Inter-Reditus Since January 1997, this company has served as the Alternatives to Reditus Group’s primary operations hub for its information technologies division.


A new organizational model is established, supported by a go-to-market plan, based on a sector-specific approach to business, expansion into new markets geographically, and redefining the various Group brands.


Alternatives to Reditus Consulting’s accreditation by APCER under Regulation NP EN ISO 9001 is expanded by Reditus to include all of its commercial and operational sectors.


  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Demand Generation
  • Digital Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Management

Alternatives to Reditus



The most challenging steps in starting and growing partnerships are automated by PartnerStack. We assist you in finding the best partners, integrating them into your program, rewarding them for every conversion, and enabling them to operate at the top of their game.



CreatorIQ is the most reliable software option for businesses looking to improve their influencer marketing maturity in the era of the creative economy. Our customers use CreatorIQ to build genuine relationships with creators in order to fulfill larger corporate goals.



Afluencer is a group of influential people who are very active. We extend an invitation to your brand to join and utilize our network of ambassadors, producers, and influencers.

It’s the simplest approach to find trustworthy, high-caliber partners for your brand today.

Our generous free plan enables you to get started right away. Additionally, establish direct conversations through our Afluencer app with influencers that are a fantastic fit for your brand.



GRIN is he only author management tool created specifically for e-commerce. Use GRIN to manage all of your creative relationships and campaigns while also using it for creator discovery and outreach.

The e-commerce integration makes it simple to seed products, distribute coupons, and manage affiliate relationships. Additionally, the reporting package offers extensive analytics & sales tracking; our software enables you to do everything.

The top DTC brands rely on GRIN as their platform for creator management to scale quickly.



Mavrck, the top all-in-one influencer marketing platform. Mavrck, enables businesses like Kraft Heinz and Express to leverage the influence of the social proof that customers today trust.

To generate real insights and content for customer experience touchpoints at scale, marketers utilize Mavrck to locate and engage influencers, powerful employees, and consumer advocates.

Using its self-service influencer manager, marketers may also take an automated and performance-based approach to influencer marketing.

Since its establishment in 2008,, the top worldwide partnership management platform, has revolutionized the way businesses find and manage all varieties of relationships, including affiliates, influencers, commerce content providers, B2B, and more.

Their potent, purpose-built platform enables companies, including brands, publishers, and agencies, to create lucrative connections with both publishers and customers.

Cloud Cision Communications

Cloud Cision

Cision Communications Cloud® the most powerful set of tools ever put together for the industry is provided to communicators. In one integrated solution, you can target the correct consumers, provide noteworthy outcomes across conventional, digital, and social media, and track your brand. Automated analysis makes it simple for you to report on your campaigns and turn them into insightful data.



Bazaarvoice technology is trusted by the top brands and merchants in the world today, with experience to increase sales, expand their reach, gather useful data, and cultivate devoted fans.

Businesses that work with Bazaarvoice may anticipate a 400% return on investment, according to a recent commissioned study carried out by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Bazaarvoice. The study concluded that the initial expenditure is repaid in in three months or less. It did this by speaking with decision-makers at nine different organizations who had previous experience using Bazaarvoice.

Zift Solutions


Zift Solutions was found in 2006, it is the only Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) technology created as one to function as one. From onboarding to enablement, lead to marketing, and sales, the company’s ZiftONE platform controls the flow.



Affise is the most effective way to build, launch, and manage your own CPA/CPI networks. It is a performance marketing solution. All the information you require is readily available, simple to administer, and quick to analyze, including affiliates and advertisers, creatives and conversions, offers and payments.

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There are several Alternatives to Reditus in the internet today. we’ll have listed about 10 Alternatives to Reditus that you can choose from. Different people have different choices, yours might not be Raditus, but the good thing is, we’ve carefully selected better Alternatives to Reditus to keep you rolling.



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