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October 6, 2022
Updated 2022/10/06 at 12:30 PM
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In this article today, we’ll be discussing sites like Gleam. Gleam is a growth marketing platform that concentrates on activities to assist organizations in growing. These behaviors might include becoming an email subscriber, liking something on Facebook, following someone on Twitter, or using a hashtag to refer to the business. With the specific solution, brands may create sophisticated contests and competitions for their enterprises. It offers a large selection of connectors, action combos, and widget capabilities, assisting businesses in creating a wide range of campaigns. Additionally, it is simple for them to provide redeemable gifts in return for regular customers’ good behavior. The platform is ideal for content upgrades, downloads, game keys, and vouchers. Sites like Gleam’s lovely gallery app enable users to import, curate, and show material from social networks as well as host interesting picture contests. Businesses may develop their businesses by building an email list of potential customers by sending targeted messages or forms to the appropriate customers at the right time.


Rewards Management

The term “reward system” refers to a “integration of the sources and the course of actions that inform the selection of a mix of rewards aimed at facilitating the attraction and retention of employees, as well as to encourage employees’ effort, cooperation as well as willingness to learn new skills and adapt to change.”

Performance Metric

Simply said, a performance metric is a way to gauge performance. You have the option of using project performance indicators to monitor development when managing a project. Metrics are chosen in accordance with the project’s objectives and key success elements.

Collaboration Tool
People can work together more easily thanks to collaboration tool. The purpose of a collaboration tool is to make it easier for a team of two or more individuals to accomplish a common goal or objective. Non-technical collaboration tools include whiteboards, flip charts, post-it notes, and paper. On the other hand, collaboration software is a technological instrument.

Feedback Management
Simply said, feedback management is the activity of gathering input from team members or employees and modifying operational procedures to enhance OKR evaluation. You may enhance a number of procedures, operations, or accounts by inviting input from your staff and coworkers.

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  • Capture

With the help of the brand-new program Capture Capture, you can expand your email list by collecting user emails from your website and sending them directly to the email service provider of your choice. We interact with 25+ email providers and provide 6+ lovely templates.

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  • Competitions

Contests You can design gorgeous gifts with our competitions app that actually encourage user engagement. Simply set it up, decide on your reward, and the entry method, then move your competition to the area of your choice.

Please check the Competitions documentation to learn more about this application.

  • Galleries

Galleries is an app that lets you display user-generated material in a responsive embeddable gallery from your users or clients. It integrates with contests or rewards, enables you to import photos from Facebook pages or posts or #hashtags, and also lets people vote on or share pictures.

Visit the Galleries documentation to learn more about this application.

  • Rewards

With the help of our rewards software, you can reward users in a variety of ways while still promoting actions that are profitable for your business. You may distribute a voucher for a discount, game codes, let consumers access a download, or unlock a free sample. The fact that you get to pick how they reveal your gift is the coolest part.

Please check the Rewards documentation to learn more about this application.

Sites like Gleam

There are various Sites like Gleam in the internet today, below are Sites like Gleam:


So now you know there are other alternate Sites like Gleam you can choose from. If you are looking to try other Sites like Gleam that also concentrates on growing businesses, these sites listed above are your surest alternatives.

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