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October 13, 2022
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Sites like Workable

There are many sites like Workable, and we will introduce just a few of those sites to you in this article. But before we do, we’ll tell you about Workable.


Since 2012, Sites like workable recruiting software has been used by more than 27,000 businesses to employ 1.5 million applicants. And that number is rapidly increasing.

We create technology to empower individuals because we are curious about how people connect with the outside world. Therefore, we leverage our curiosity and drive to develop software that aids businesses in finding the greatest employees, improving communication, and accelerating growth.

  • In 2012, Workable was created by Nikos Moraitakis and Spyros Magiatis in Athens, Greece.
  • Sites like Workable received $780 in startup money in 2013 from Openfund.
  • By 2014, Workable raised $1.5M from Greylock IL for the purpose of creating cloud-based recruitment software for SMEs.
  • Workable gets $27 million in Series B investment in 2015.
  • Workable raises $50 in 2018 to automate hiring for SMBs.
  • In 2020, Workable had 20,000 firms and 1.3 million employees.

Essential Features for Exceptional Hiring:

  • 200+ free and premium job boards
  • Language options
  • Automated Actions
  • 1000+ job description templates
  • Centralized hiring dashboard
  • Convenient interview scheduling
  • Branded careers pages
  • Hiring team rights and roles
  • 70+ third-party tools, built right in
  • Email templates and bulk actions
  • Award-winning support
  • Texting
  • Assessments


Sites like Workable secures the data you gather and develop while assisting businesses in hiring outstanding employees.

Our strong and stringent controls guarantee that your organizational and candidate data is kept safe by applying a combination of industry standards and our own constantly improving best practices. We concentrate on security so that you may concentrate on hiring the ideal candidate.

1000+ templates for job descriptions

Superior applicants are drawn by improved job descriptions. Our 1000+ job description templates, which are optimized for job board approval and SEO, increase visibility, offer ideas, and hasten hiring.

They also produce more eligible applications since they are rich in the correct type of material. Visit the job description page for more details.

Hire in Scale

Move more quickly on a platform that simplifies hiring from demand to offer letter and automates time-consuming activities. It is simple to locate and address bottlenecks thanks to built-in budgeting and reporting.

Hire strategy

Plan, monitor, and manage your employment process and budget all from one single location. Hire strategy ensures that everyone is on the same page and maintain it. You’ll leave the spreadsheets behind with sites like Workable’s hiring strategy and enter a single, centralized workplace where information is constantly up to date and future steps are always obvious. Consider hiring. In charge of requisitions. Maintain budgets. Keep stakeholders, like Finance, informed at every stage of the process.

Requisition and approval workflows

By using automated requisition approval protocols, you may hasten executive sign-off.

Offer letters and e-signatures

Integrated e-signature and offer templates let you collect candidate signatures more quickly.

Recruiting reports and analytics

Instantly see the data that matters. Share it with those it matters to most. With real-time recruitment statistics, you can monitor, communicate, and enhance your hiring process.

Sites like Workable offers standardized, automatic reporting as well as unique, enterprise-grade business analysis to assist you understand your situation and increase the quality of your hires.

Automated EEO & GDPR compliance

Navigate local and global regulation with automated tools and reports.

70+ partners and integrations

Connect your existing tech for a seamless, end-to-end hiring process.

Sites like Workable


There are more sites like Workable in the internet today, but we’ve selected these top best sites like Workable that you can visit. All these sites have the same business goals so pick your most preferred.

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