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October 21, 2022
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HotJar Alternative Open Source

HotJar alternative open source is a site that allows you to see how visitors are accessing your website. This service helps turn visitors into customers and also help you collect feedbacks. HotJar is best way to truly understand your website and mobile site visitors.


HotJar, the privately held company was found in 2014, by Dr. David Darmanin. HotJar Alternative Open Source created researches and optimize solutions for online enterprises. Darmanin, who is still the company’s CEO, earned the EY Malta Entrepreneur of the Year award in March 2019.

The firm ran a nine-month beta program before making HotJar Alternative Open Source available to the general public and achieving an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of €8 Million by June 2017.

HotJar Alternative Open Source subsequently made a second €4 million investment to continue growing the business, which was supplemented by an additional €13 million by 2019.

HotJar Features

  • Data Visualization
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Data Import/Export
  • Visual Analytics

HotJar Alternative

These 10 HotJar Alternative open source will assist you in examining and enhancing the user experience on your website or mobile application.

Two of HotJar’s most well-liked features, are available among the tools in this category, Heatmaps and screen recording.

The tools below also assist in analyzing the user experience across several web sites or events, among other things, as Heatmaps and recordings are rarely actionable on their own.

  • Smartlook
  • FullStory
  • Contentsquare
  • VWO
  • Crazy Egg
  • Mouseflow
  • Lucky Orange
  • Inspectlet
  • Plerdy
  • Clarity


With Smartlook, more than 300,000 companies are able to examine customer activity on their websites and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Every user session on your website or mobile app is recorded by Smartlook’s always-on screen recordings after our code snippet has been loaded.

The information gathered from these sessions may be used to design events, construct funnels, produce Heatmaps, and see user recordings.


FullStory, a “Digital Experience Intelligence” one of the platform with the most sophisticated session replay tools available. Additionally, it provides features for user segmentation and filtering depending on their behaviors, funnel analysis, and more.

It’s vital to keep in mind that FullStory is intended for corporate users. Due to this, its high price is frequently mentioned in internet evaluations, as we covered in our post on alternatives to FullStory.


As of September 2021, Contentsquare, a sizable digital analytics company was the actual owner of HotJar, They also bought Clicktale, a former rival of Hotjar alternative open source, in 2019. The few tools offered by Contentsquare are user path analysis, Heatmaps, session replays, and AI insights that can be used to analyze and enhance the customer experience.

Similar to FullStory, Contentsquare targets businesses and includes tools for teams in product development, user experience design, marketing, e-commerce, information technology, operations, and customer service.


VWO is comprehensive conversion rate optimization (CRO) platform. As a result, it primarily serves to enhance user experience metrics and conversions using A/B, multivariate, and split URL testing.

In addition, VWO provides tools for delivering push alerts, evaluating items, and more.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg, a CRO web analytics platform that has Heatmaps, user recordings, A/B testing, and facilities for tracking ad traffic on your website.

Crazy Egg functions similarly to the earlier iteration of HotJar alternative open source before they switched to Continuous Capture.

Both solutions feature screen recordings and Heatmaps, however Crazy Egg doesn’t record every user session on your website. Instead, they take a sample of your traffic, and you get to pick the sampling frequency. Thus, Crazy Egg’s quantitative analytics capabilities are less extensive than those of HotJar Alternative Open Source.


Mouseflow, Another SaaS product that aids website owners in understanding why their visitors do not convert. Other features included in its feature set are Heatmaps, session replays, and conversion funnels.

Today’s Mouseflow is comparable to HotJar before the Forms and Funnels feature was retired. Both solutions provide capabilities for user feedback, screen recordings, and Heatmaps, but Mouseflow has an advantage thanks to its form analytics and conversion funnels.

Additionally, you may choose whether or not to record all visitors to your website using Mouseflow. Mouseflow has four premium plans compared to Hotjar’s three, and it has a somewhat better price-to-user recordings ratio.

In contrast, Hotjar’s free and low-cost plans keep data for a longer period of time.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange focuses on both visitor behavior research With the use of Heatmaps and session records, and conversion rate optimization (CRO), as well as live chat and form analytics.

Lucky Orange is comparable to what Hotjar Alternative Open Source was before to the shift in December 2020, as was our previous entry.

Both include features like heatmaps, records of sessions, and surveys, but Lucky Orange has an advantage because to its form analytics and conversion funnels.


Inspectlet, a website analytic tool with a small mix of CRO and debugging functions that Inspectlet, A/B testing and problem recording. 

The present feature of Inspectlet is similar to what Hotjar Alternative Open Source provided. Both of them offer heatmaps, session recordings, and feedback forms.

This implies that their event and funnel capabilities are likewise constrained in a similar way.


Plerdy provides solutions for a variety of use cases, including user activity research, quantitative website analytics (events and funnels capabilities), SEO, and more.

The majority of Hotjar’s key features, such as heatmaps, screen recordings, and surveys, are included with Plerdy. Hotjar allows you to create more complex surveys, but Plerdy simply allows you to conduct Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.

Depending on what you wish to utilize, Plerdy’s price plans vary because of its considerably wider reach. Their behavior analytics tool plans aren’t as economical as Hotjar’s. For instance, the $47/month Plerdy plan only takes 2,000 recordings, but the $39/month HotJar plan catches 3,000 recordings over a considerably shorter amount of time.


Microsoft’s Clarity is a free tool for behavior analytics that includes session recordings, heatmaps, automated insights, and a Google Analytics integration.

Clarity is a good substitute for Hotja Alternative Open Sourcer for session recordings and heatmaps.

Clarity tracks evey user’s visit to your website, although it notes that recordings may not be available for all sessions.

It also offers unlimited heatmaps and more than 25 filter options you can apply to both recordings and heatmaps.

Its insights dashboard automatically displays activities, such as furious clicks, rapid scrolling, and JavaScript failures, that may point to friction areas on your website.

Visit the websites:

HotJar alternative open source also exist for androids on Google play store and App Store – Apple.

Download BlockSite for Android on Google Play Store.

Download BlockSite for iOS on App Store – Apple.


There are several HotJar Alternative Open Source in the internet today. we’ll have listed about 10 HotJar Alternative Open Source that you can choose from. Different people have different choices, yours might not be HotJar but the good thing is, we’ve carefully selected better alternatives for HotJar to keep you rolling.

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