Sites Like Konga – Konga’s Best Alternative Sites

September 22, 2022
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Sites Like Konga
Sites Like Konga

In today’s article, we will be talking about sites like Konga which has been recognized greatly in Nigeria as one of the best online e-commerce websites. The Nigerian e-commerce startup Konga was established in July 2012, and it has its corporate headquarters in Gbagada, Lagos State.

It provides a third-party online marketplace in addition to first-party direct retail in a number of different categories, such as consumer electronics, clothing, books, home appliances, computers & accessories, phones & tablets, health care, and personal care products.

Additionally, the business offers a logistics service (KXPRESS) that enables prompt product shipping and delivery to customers.


Sim Shagaya launched Konga in July 2012 with 20 employees. At first, the website was a Lagos-only online shop that sold products in the Baby, Beauty, and Personal Care categories.

However, in December 2012, it extended to include all of Nigeria, and through 2012 and 2013, it steadily added more product categories.

This growth may have been a reaction to Konga’s main rival, Jumia, which debuted around the same time, and was supported by Rocket Internet.

Early in 2013, Investment AB Kinnevik and Naspers invested $10 million in Konga as part of a Series A financing.

The Konga platform was made available to third-party retailers during the second quarter of 2013, breaking away from the first-party online retail model.

At the time, Konga closed a $25 million Series B round from prior backers Investment AB Kinnevik and Naspers in late 2013. This was the biggest funding round ever secured by a single African business. experienced a crash on November 29, 2013, and was unavailable for 45 minutes as a result of the unusually high traffic brought on by its Black Friday campaign.

In the first six hours of the offer, Konga made more sales than it had the month before. In the first half of 2014, Konga formally debuted its third-party retail platform under the name “Marketplace” after renaming it “Konga Mall.”

By the end of the year, 8,000 merchants were listed on Konga’s Marketplace, exceeding the internal objectives of 1,000 merchants by an eight-fold margin.

During its Black Friday 2014 offer, Konga got orders totaling US$3.5 million, up from US$300,000 the year before.

According to Konga, income increased by 450% from 2013 to 2014. The biggest single round ever raised by a single African firm, Konga closed a $40 million Series C financing from Investment AB Kinnevik and Naspers in late 2014 [failed to verify].

Despite claims that Naspers had purchased 50% of Konga in 2013 publicly listed Naspers revealed that its ownership in Konga following the October 2014 Series C investment was 40.22%. According to reports, Konga was valued at around $200 million as of Series C.

According to Alexa Internet, Konga was Nigeria’s most popular website in January 2015. According to CEO Sim Shagaya, Konga “leads the field in Nigeria today [early 2015] in Gross Merchandise Value,” a metric measuring the total value of merchandise sold through a particular marketplace.

In June 2015, Konga declared it has acquired Internet Nigeria Limited’s assets and mobile money license, fulfilling a legal criterion laid forth by the Central Bank of Nigeria for the provision of mobile payment services.

The acquisition will support KongaPay, launched in August 2015, Konga’s solution to facilitate the uptake of cashless electronic payments.

With over 80 million mobile internet users in Nigeria, Konga has made online payment easy with its delivery payment option embraced by its numerous users.

Konga Types of services offers so many online services and some of the services are listed below:


In collaboration with Nigerian commercial banks, KongaPay was introduced as a pilot program in 2015 with the intention of serving clients only on the platform.

By enabling anyone to use Konga’s online platform, KongaPay has overcome the problem of low trust in making payments online.

With the introduction of this breakthrough, internet buyers were shielded from reports of fraud when disclosing their bank information.

With its one-click payments, KongaPay resembles the Amazon platform in several ways. It was presented at a KongaPay Demo event in Lagos, Nigeria. Ecobank, Access Bank, FCMB, Diamond Bank, Zenith Bank, Heritage Bank, UBA, First Bank, and GTB have all fully incorporated the payment option.

Sim Shagaya claims that KongaPay is a collaboration with banks in Nigeria. We firmly believe that by eliminating the uncertainty customers associate with pre-paying for goods and services they have yet to receive, we can revolutionize the way online buying is seen in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, KongaPay has completely changed the way people shop online. This is due to the fact that it has enabled the smooth movement of commodities, services, and money. Users of Konga now feel more secure and trustworthy as a result.

Customers who use KongaPay get an authorization code that is registered to their mobile phone number on the website and is safeguarded.

Customers who already have a bank account and a registered mobile phone number do not need to register for electronic banking.

With only one click, KongaPay has made it impossible to use important personal information like Internet banking passwords or credit card numbers.

Express Konga

Konga launched Konga Express, which focuses on marketing its items to reach the buyer using every available method, in order to make its online integration more efficient. Customers can expect their ordered goods to arrive in 1 to 3 days. Daily orders are filled via Konga Express with online tracking.

Marketplace Konga

With Konga Mall, a ground-breaking choice that enables companies in Nigeria to promote their items online, Konga launched its tremendous expansion in that country. Simple and free delivery service was made available to business owners.

Before delivering the box to Konga’s drop-off location, the company owner bundles the order and attaches SellerHQ information and order details.

The popularity of Konga Mall led to the creation of Konga Marketplace which has allowed even roadside vendors from all over the nation to participate. Through this market, incredible things have been found and daily, enormous sales are produced.

This marketplace’s interaction between sellers and buyers is groundbreaking. Through this market, countless opportunities have been produced, which has ultimately boosted employment and the nation’s economic growth and development.

With the development of this sector, affiliate marketing and price comparison websites like best prices have also become feasible.

Sim Shagaya explains, “About a year ago, we realized that in order for our services to truly benefit society, we needed to create a platform that allowed everyone—not only Konga—to sell and thrive.

In the years since we first opened this platform to a select group of vendors, we have learned how to create a really innovative Nigerian online marketplace.

Konga Self-Fulfill Model

A significant improvement to Konga’s marketplace offering was the Self-Fulfill Model. With the use of this service, Konga was able to secure for its merchant favorable shipping contracts with dependable courier partners.

From the time of order until the clients receive their packages, the sellers are in charge of managing their deliveries.

When customers get their packages, payments are transferred directly to the sellers. Customers that use the self-fulfill model expect their packages to arrive quickly and with flexibility.

Customers have the option to rate vendors, products, and their overall experience using the Self-Fulfill Model.


Due to their specialty product offerings, geographic locations, and robust agency networks, Konga is competing with other well-known African digital commerce platforms like Jumia, Kilimall, and even more recently established eCommerce sites like Cashless CF, Buzymart, Tradift, and DayDone.

Domain war with Jumia

Jumia registered certain Konga domains outside of Nigeria in 2014, which sparked a major outcry in the tech community.

Konga has been promoting the idea of growing outside of Nigeria, something that Jumia had already done by operating in more than 8 different African nations.


  • #1 – The Top 100 Companies For Nigerian Millennials (2015)
  • E-Commerce Provider of the Year, Kalahari Awards (2015)
  • #1 – Top Startups in Nigeria (2015)
  • #2 – Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Africa – Fast Company (2015)
  • #12 – Most Respected Companies in Nigeria (2014)
  • Online Retailer of the Year – Marketing World Awards (2014)
  • Best Use of Social Media in Marketing – Marketing World Awards (2014)
  • Most Innovative and Impactful Brand in the Retail Trade Sector – The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2014)
  • #5 – Most Innovative Companies of 2014 in Africa – Fast Company (2014)
  • Online Retailer of the Year – Marketing World Awards (2013)
  • Best Emerging Brand Of The Year – Marketing World Awards (2013)

Top sites Like Konga.Com


Those are arrangements of all sites like kongs that you can investigate today. There are a few reasons individuals could need elective sites like Konga it very well may be the cost, unfortunate client care, or their site insight.

Anything that your case could be, today we have gathered a rundown of sites like Konga that you ought to consider looking at

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