Unity 2D Game Developer Course: Farming RPG

September 6, 2022
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Unity 2D game developer Course
Unity 2D game developer Course

Unity 2D game developer Course will turn you into a design pro with everything you will learn. You will Track down the right teacher for you to look over numerous points, expertise levels, and dialects. In this Unity 2D game developer Course, you will build the core systems for a 2D farming RPG game using the Unity game engine and C#.

What you’ll learn in the Unity 2D game developer Course

  • To develop the fundamental systems for a farming role-playing game akin to Stardew Valley using Unity 2D.
  • The Unity 2D Game Developer Course will teach you how to design sophisticated Unity components using C# scripting to make sophisticated games.
  • 43 hours of comprehensive training that contain the entire finished project with saved points are included.
  • Create a multi-level hierarchy for the Player game object and use events to add movement and animations.
  • Build depth-filled gaming scenes by using numerous tilemap layers.
  • Create a camera that follows the player and stays within the confines of the scene using Cinemachine.
  • Utilize scriptable objects and prefabs to create an extensive item and inventory systems.
  • Utilize prefabs and scriptable objects to create extensive item and inventory systems.
  • Create a time system for the game and an interface that produces time-related events.
  • Create a scene manager that loads and unloads scenes as players move between them
  • Create a scene manager that loads and unloads scenes as players move between them
  • Store grid information, such as where the player can dump objects or dig, using hidden tilemaps.
  • Create a range of equipment for the user to utilize, such as an axe for felling trees and a hoe for digging the ground.
  • To reuse items, create an object pool.
  • Make a VFX Manager, then construct particle effects.
  • Implement a crop management system that can be customized and adjusted to handle crop planting, cultivation, and harvesting.
  • Create a Pause Menu with choices to save the game, exit, and manage your whole inventory.
  • Create complex save and load game features using binary serialization and C# APIs.
  • Implement tools to completely alter the appearance of the characters in your game.
  • Make time-based mobility schedules and advanced AStar pathfinding for the game’s NPCs.
  • Include game music, ambient noises, and play sounds.
  • Using a lighting schedule that may be adjusted based on the season, create a Day and Night lighting cycle for the game.

    Requirements for Unity 2D game developer Course

    • *** If you are a complete beginner, please do not purchase this course! The fundamentals of C# and Unity, such as creating animation clips from sprites and configuring simple animator controllers, are not covered in this course on creating 2D video games. The last thing I want is for you to be upset and give a bad review because you lack the fundamental understanding needed to understand the lectures. The skills stated below are necessary for this intermediate course. Of course, I’d love for you to sign up for the course, but if you lack these abilities, start with some introductory courses and return once you’ve produced a few games and have a solid understanding of C# and Unity. 
    • You should have some experience developing Unity prototypes or games by this point.
    • good understanding of how to use the Unity editor’s key features.
    • good understanding of object-oriented programming basics and C# scripting.
    • good familiarity and comprehension with some of the core C# system classes and Unity API classes.
    • the readiness to research any topic in the online C# resources or the Unity scripting handbook that you are not familiar with.
    • Install the free Unity 3D game engine software and Visual Studio Community Edition.
    • Install the free SourceTree git client to help follow along with the provided completed Unity project and the branches that correspond to completed lectures.

      Description of Unity 2D game developer Course

      Ever wanted to design your own farming role-playing game?  With the aid of this unity 2D game developer course, you may create your own game like the hugely popular Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. 

      We’ll go over how to create multi-core systems and game features.  Starting with a blank project, we’ll build the game lecture by lecture, going over all the necessary code and Unity configuration.

      With over 44 hours of lecture videos, 99 lectures, a startup assets pack, and a finished Unity project that you can download to follow along, the Unity 2D game developer course is extensive. We even offer a second Unity project to show how AStar pathfinding works. 

      You can therefore gain a head start by taking this course, potentially saving many months or even years of development time, whereas it took the inventor of Stardew Valley more than 4 years to complete his game. One of the most thorough intermediate Unity 2D development courses available on Udemy is this one. 

      We sincerely hope that you choose to enroll in the course and become one of the thousands of students who have already advanced their Unity game development skills via the use of an advanced, intermediate project-based course. 

      I’m excited to see you at the lectures!

      *** This is an Intermediate Course – Please check the Requirements Section for the experience you need before taking this course ***

      Who the Unity 2D game developer Course is for:

      • Intermediate Unity Developers who want to extend their skills and knowledge using a full project-based course.
      • Existing Unity developers who are fans of Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon and want to build their own Farming RPG.
        • A Unity developer who has previously built some prototypes or games and wants a challenging project course to level up their skills.

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