Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course: Learn Video Editing In Premiere Pro

September 16, 2022
Updated 2022/09/16 at 12:14 PM
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Adobe premiere pro CC course
Adobe premiere pro CC course

If you are looking for an Adobe Premiere Pro CC course, then you have come to the best place to study if you want to get started with video editing or brush up on your knowledge. Then this course is here for you as we will provide you with all you need to know in this Adobe Premiere Pro CC course.

What you’ll discover

  • How to accomplish a video editing job from beginning to end
  • Utilize the various Premiere Pro panel windows.
  • Adding material and designing custom sequence presets for various resolutions
  • Workflows and file structure for effective and skilled video editing
  • Combine video, graphics, music, and audio on several editing tracks.
  • The fundamentals of color grading and color correction
  • Create lower-third titles, effects, and text titles.
  • How to use proxies to speed up Premiere Pro CC and eliminate lag
  • various frame rates, resolutions, and aspect ratios for video editing
  • More effective keyboard shortcuts for video editing
  • How to speed ramp and deal with slow-motion film
  • How to use color correction to achieve skin tones that are even and attractive
  • How to utilize masks to make a transition that uses a mask wipe
  • Definitions of terminology used in professional video editing
  • Utilize custom presets to complete and export material.

Requirements Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course

  • Download & install a free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro off of Adobe’s website, or purchase a license from Adobe.


Updated with new lessons including film, graphics, and music that may be downloaded for editing practice.

Learn how to edit videos by getting started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC right away!

With over 1,300 reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating, this adobe premiere pro CC course has already attracted over 12,300 students.

This 3-hour course serves as an introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro CC video editing. Beginning with the basics of opening Premiere Pro CC and being familiar with the many panel windows, it will guide you through editing clips, working with audio, color correction, making sequence presets, and titles, learning keyboard shortcuts, exporting, and much more.

This introductory course includes:

  • 3.5 hours of video showcasing a variety of Premiere Pro CC features
  • Step-by-step instructions on importing, setting up projects and sequences, organizing files, working with audio and video, color grading, utilizing slow motion and fixing jerky video, creating text titles, adding effects, exporting media, and much more!
  • A number of.PDF attachments to study
  • Downloadable audio and video for use in practice
  • You can ask any queries you have in the questions and answers section!

Will Bartlett is your course instructor. He founded a reputable video production company in Toronto and has been working as a professional editor since 2004. With his 10+ video editing and motion graphics courses, Will has instructed more than 100,000 students over the years and edited well over 1000 projects for several hundred clients.

While completing the adobe premiere pro CC course our experts will be here to support you with any problems you encounter and to answer any questions you may have.

You can still benefit from this course even if you don’t have Adobe Premiere Pro CC by downloading a free trial version from Adobe’s website. You may download and use Premiere Pro CC as soon as you sign up for a free account with them, which only takes a few minutes.

Create captivating visual and audio stories by enrolling right away and getting started with Adobe’s professional video editing software, Premiere Pro CC!

Who this Adobe premiere pro CC course is for

  • Novices who wish to learn how to edit videos should take this Premiere Pro course. No prior experience with video editing is necessary.
  • This course is also intended for those who may already be proficient editors who desire to move to Premiere Pro.
  • This adobe premiere pro CC course is NOT intended for experienced Premiere Pro users who work as professional video editors.

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