Flirc Raspberry – Pi 4 Case (Silver)


The perfect home for your new Raspberry Pi 4. We’ll make sure our case is modified to comply with the most recent Raspberry Pi requirements. Our case’s gorgeous aluminum core heat sink is encased in two luxuriously soft-touch, dark shells that feel wonderful in your hands. However, as soon as it leaves your hands, it merges with your entertainment system.


Product Details

Motherboard CompatibilityRaspberry Pi Model 4
Case TypeRaspberry Pi
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches
Hard Disk Form Factor2.5 Inches
Fan Count2

About this item:

  • The most attractive Flirc Raspberry Pi case constructed with a lovely aluminum.
  • Improved metal quality and design thanks to a brand-new manufacturing process
  • made to work with the latest Flirc Raspberry Pi 4
  • Access to the GPIO and all of the major connectors is simple from the bottom.
  • built-in heat sink, a thermal pad, and four screws are included.

Built in heat sink!

This is the first aluminum Flirc Raspberry Pi enclosure that is reasonably priced. We used the aluminum casing of the case to offer a built-in heat sink because we didn’t want to sacrifice form over function. The simplest Raspberry Pi case assembly on the market is made possible by the thermal pad and 4 screws included with the case. Dropping your Flirc Raspberry Pi into its fantastic new home and displaying it on your counter only takes a few seconds.

There is More!

Rubber feet were added to lift the cage so it would merely hover beneath your television.

There is no need to disassemble the device to access the SD card, and in addition to the built-in heat sink, a small GPIO pin is also available through a slot on the bottom of the case.

We are confident that you will appreciate the care we took to detail throughout the case.

Optional Security Cover

Due to unexpected demand, Flirc now provides a Security Cover as an optional accessory for the Flirc Raspberry Pi 4. The security cover and screws give safety to your data and a better night’s sleep for individuals seeking mental clarity when traveling or some more security at home or in the office.

What is in the box?

Everything you require is provided. screws, a highly effective thermal pad, and a heat-dispersing casing.




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