Sell Gift Items on Yaioa Gift

Sell your gift items on Yaioa to reach out to an unprecedented number of audience.

Selling on Yaioa

Signing up for a Vendor account on Yaioa is the first step to take in listing your quality products on the platform.

NOTE: When Signing up, you will be asked what Market area you can deliver to:

  • Within your Country: Which means that your Gift Item will only be shown to people in your Registered Country. The Country on file for your Account
  • World Wide: Which means that your Item is either a Digital item that can be downloaded, mailed or your Company has a global presence to deliver physical products.

Signing up as Vendor is as easy as ABC, after your Vendor account has been succesfully created, you can then upload your products to the platform and then be ready to make delivery.

How to Get Started

Once you have Successfully Setup your Vendor Account, you can start uploading your Product to the Marketplace. Your Product will be reviewed by the Product Review Team for Quality Assurance and all Products that meets the Standard will be Approved.

Listing and Selling your Product on the Yaioa Platform is Free, you will only be charged a commission of 15% / Sale after you have recorded a Successful Sale and this amount also covers Payment processing Fee.

Steps involved in listing and selling your Product on the Platform.

  1. Signup for a Vendor Account
  2. Capture and Upload your Product to the Platform for Review
  3. When a Client sends your Product as a Gift to someone, you will be Notified of a Sale you have made
  4. Deliver the Product or wait for the Client to come and make a pick up, depending on the Option the Client selected
  5. Get Paid for your Sales

Have Questions?

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