Lepro led strip lights



Product details

Color White
Brand Lepro
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Special Feature Dimmable
Light Source Type LED
Power Source Corded Elect
  • Tunable White Strip Light: White light options range from warm to chilly (3000K-6000K). There are numerous lights available to suit your needs, whether you’re working or just unwinding.
  • Dimmable 3.2 feet of LED light strip Utilize a remote control to operate the 600 pieces of 2835 LEDs with high brightness. Brightness can be changed quite simply. saving energy
  • LE strip lights employ strong 3M adhesive, which is a professional choice. Extremely tacky, and there is no risk of the strip collapsing.
  • Home Improvement: The bendable, foldable LED strip lights offer good flexibility. For a precise length adjustment, LED tape lights can be trimmed every three LEDs.
  • Lepro 32.8ft white LED strip lights to have a wide range of applications, including under cabinet lighting, desk lighting, room lighting, and lighting for vanity mirrors.

Brightest Color Lights Rope Kit for Home Decor with Lepro 32.8ft RGB LED Lights Default version With the little remote, you may adjust the color of the 32.8-foot LED light strip. Most of your décor needs will be met by 4 color options.

You won’t have to worry about the safety or brightness of the light rope if you choose high-quality copper foil material. The greatest option for you to create the ambiance you like is a soft light string, which is made for DIY projects and home décor.

Without using any extra tools, you may just install them.  Be prepared for the upcoming festival or gatherings even if you are not going to use them.

You can still make a significant improvement from earlier times in your gaming area, bedroom, family room, or kitchen. Give the same old day some amazing new hues and liveliness. XD

Please take note that items with electrical plugs are made for use in the US. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or converter to be used where you are traveling. Before buying, kindly verify compatibility.



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