Fat Joe Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Legal Issues & Real Estate

November 17, 2022
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Fat Joe Net Worth

What is Fat Joe’s Net Worth? Fat Joe Net Worth is $4 million. He is a rapper and producer from New York. Fat Joe launched a successful solo career after making a reputation for himself with the D.I.T.C Crew in the early 1990s. He eventually established his own music label, Terror Squad

Popular Name:Fat Joe
Real Name:Joseph Antonio Cartagena
Birth Date:August, 19th 1970
Birth Place:South Bronx, New York, United States
Age:52 years old 
Height:1.85 M/6 ft
Weight:90 kg
Marital Status:Married
Spouse(s):Lorena Cartagena

Ryan Cartagena, Joey Cartagena, Azariah Cartagena

Profession:Actor, Rapper, Artist, Voice Actor, Businessperson, Musician, Music artist
Years active:1992–present
Net Worth:$4 Million
Last Updated:2022

Childhood & Early Life

His true name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena. He was born on August 19, 1970, in New York City’s South Bronx area. Fat Joe is a descendant of Cuban and Puerto. Cartagena was drawn to a life of crime at a young age because he grew up in a harsh, underprivileged environment.

During his school years, he identified himself as a “bully,” and he frequently stole to support his family. His brother introduced him to Hip-Hip music which he developed a genuine interest.


In 1992, through the stage moniker “Fat Joe da Gangster”, he joined the “Diggin’ in the Crates Crew”. During this time, he had the opportunity to work with a variety of musicians, gaining vital networking contacts that he would later use to launch his record company. He was first signed to Relativity Records, and his first album was scheduled to be released in 1993.

Fat Joe’s first solo album was “Represent” which contained the hit “Flow Joe.” The song topped the Rap Charts and helped Fat Joe launch his music career with a bang. He released his second album, “Jealous One’s Envy” in 1995.

The song “Envy” did well on the charts, confirming Fat Joe’s success. Things took a turn for him when he stumbled into LL Cool J during a recording session. He was welcomed into the recording booth for the song “I Shot Ya,” for which he later participated in the music video.

During this time, Fat Joe also began working with Big Pun. He met Big Pun when his third album “Don Cartegena” was released in 1998, he collaborated with musicians such as Nas, Diddy, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

The title track became a massive smash, as did “Bet Ya Man Can’t Triz.” This album also introduced Fat Joe’s new group, Terror Squad, which included Big Pun, Cuban Link, Prospect, and others. He named his new record company “Terror Squad”, which he used to promote various musicians.

Fat Joe continued to work with notable musicians for his fourth studio album “Jealous Ones Still Envy”. This album was produced by Irv Gotti and featured musicians such as Ashanti, Ja Rule, and Ludacris. Although the biggest hit of the album was “We Thuggin”, it was utterly overshadowed by “What’s Luv”.

The music, featuring Ashanti and Ja Rule is arguably Fat Joe’s most successful song of all time. The song subsequently becomes one of the most timeless and sentimental tracks from the early 2000s.

All of this contributed to a degree of success that Fat Joe would never match with another album, not even the album “Loyalty” in the 2002s. Eventually his song “Jealous Ones Still Envy” bagged him a platinum certification.

Fat Joe’s Personal Life Fat Joe is married to Lorena Cartagena. His family is blessed with three children, two male children (Ryan and Joey) and one female Azariah. They are from Miami. Despite his huge body appearance and harsh exterior, he has greatly contributed to his community in a number of ways, he was said to have donated computers to his old school in Bronx as well as served as a guest speaker at Jersey City’s School in 2009.

This rapper just like any other American has struggled with weight issues, with 350 pounds, Fat Joe has successfully shed 88 pounds which he is pleased about. 

In 1998, he was convicted of Big Pun for beating a guy with a baseball bat. He was arrested from August to November 2013 for avoiding his taxes payment between 2007 and 2010.

Fat Joe’s Age, Height, and Weight

He was born on the 19th of August, 1970. Fat Joe is 52 years as of this writing, 6 feet tall, (1.85m), 80 kilograms, and 176 Ibs in pounds as of 2022.

50 Cent Feud

Terror Squad’s final album “True Story”, was released in 2004. The album included the hit “Lean Back,” a collaboration with Remy Ma. The song ranked at the top of the charts for three weeks, becoming one of Fat Joe’s most successful singles of all time.

In 2005, Fat Joe feuded with 50 Cent. It all started when Fat Joe made a collaboration with Ja Rule and was criticized by 50 Cent for collaborating with the rapper. Fat Joe responded with a hit track on his sixth studio album, “All or Nothing”. The CD also included artists like R. Remy Ma, Eminem, and Kelly.

Fat Joe’s conflict with 50 Cent eventually erupted, and he publicly blasted 50 Cent for cowardice and a lack of street cred. Things came to a head during the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards when Fat Joe insulted 50 Cent on stage, forcing the latter to storm onto the platform and throw obscenities. The award show abruptly turned to a commercial break.

Fat Joe collaborated with Lil Wayne on his seventh studio album “Me, Myself, and I”. The conflict between 50 Cent and Fat Joe continued. After Fat Joe released “The Elephant in the Room”, 50 Cent ridiculed it, stating that his mixtape sold more units, 50 Cent ended Fat Joe’s career.

Fat Joe continued to cooperate with a variety of musicians throughout the next few years, releasing albums such as J.O.S.E. 2 and “The Darkside” Vol. 1. After obtaining a new record deal with E1 Music, Fat Joe claimed that he would release two more Darkside mixtapes before retiring.

Fat Joe continued to release music throughout the next few years, collaborating with musicians such as Cool, Dre, Ludacris, ASAP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, and French Montana.

Over the course of his career, Fat Joe has dealt with a lot of legal troubles. He was charged with assault on at least two occasions. He was also called to testify in two different murder trials. Cartagena’s bodyguard was on trial.

Fat Joe was in a car with two men who were fatally shot in a different murder trial, and he was called as a witness for the trial. Fat Joe pleaded guilty to tax cheating in 2012. He failed to pay any taxes on $3 million of income from 2007 to 2010. As a result, he received a four-month prison sentence.

Real Estate

Joe purchased $115,000 for an acre of land in Plantation, Florida, near Fort Lauderdale, in 2000. He then built a 5,300-square-foot mansion from scratch. Cartagena listed the house for $2 million in 2010, but no one bought it. He still owns the property as of this writing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fat Joe steal?

Fat Joe began stealing at a young age to support his family

Fat Joe has 3 children, Ryan Cartagena, Azariah Cartagena, and Joey Cartagena.

His parents, Ernesto Delgado and Marie Cartagena were of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent and lived in the Forest Houses ( public housing project in the South Bronx neighborhood of Morrisania).

Fat Joe born on August 19th, 1970 is currently 52 years old.


Fat Joe net worth is $4 million. Has worked with some of the greatest names in the music industry throughout the years. Fat Joe has appeared in a number of films aside from music. He is a father of three.

He is a well-known popular rap artist in the United State of America. Fat Joe is hugely successful and popular in New York City, he has accomplished several major career milestones.

The rapper was born and raised in New York. In 1992, he began his musical career and became a part of the hip-hop group “Diggin” in the Crates Crew. So far, Fat joe net worth has been a result of hard work and consistency.

Fat Joe whose real name is Joseph Cartagena said he never considered giving up!

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