How to Grow Font Size in Microsoft Word (which button is used to increase the font size)

Posted YAIOA December 15, 2023
Updated 2023/12/15 at 5:00 PM
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To be a good writer, it is essential to know the different formatting tools available in order to create visually appealing and reader-friendly content.

One of the most basic yet crucial formatting options is the ability to change the font size. In most word processing programs and online text editors, the button used to increase the font size is indicated by an upward-pointing arrow or the abbreviation “A+.” This icon is commonly found in the main toolbar or in the font options section.

By simply clicking on this button, writers can easily adjust the size of their text to make it stand out or to accommodate different reading preferences.

To grow or increase your fonts in Microsoft Word, you will have to first select the text that you intend to grow or increase, then proceed to clicking the big A button at the top left corner of the Microsoft Word ribbon We have the Best Insurance Companies in Miami To achieve the same result using the shortcut keys on your Keyboard, press the CTRL + greater than sign List of Insurance Companies in Miami

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