How To Create a Superscript in Microsoft Word (superscript in word)

Posted YAIOA December 15, 2023
Updated 2023/12/15 at 4:50 PM
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Superscripts in Word are a powerful tool. They’re commonly used for scientific and mathematical expressions, but can also be applied in other contexts like footnotes or legal documents. To add a superscript in Word, simply highlight the text you want to raise and press “Ctrl + Shift + +” on your keyboard.

This will immediately convert your selected text into a smaller and slightly raised format. Additionally, you can also access the superscript option via the “Font” section in the Word Ribbon. With a few simple steps, superscripts in Word can add more clarity and distinction to your text.

To create a Superscript in Microsoft Word, first, highlight or select the Text that you intend to create a Superscript on, then click the X and 2 above looking icon at the top left corner of the Microsoft Word ribbon To achieve this same result using the Shortcut keys on our Keyword, we will select the text first and then click the CTRL+ SHIFT++ X3 X2

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