How To Create a Subscript on a Text in Microsoft Word (subscript in ms word)

Posted YAIOA December 15, 2023
Updated 2023/12/15 at 4:41 PM
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To Create a subscript in Microsoft Word, first, you have to highlight the text you intend to used and create a subscript, after that on the top left corner of the Microsoft word ribbon, click the x and 2 below icon and the highlighted will become a subscript If you are going to use the Keyboard shortcut key for creating a subscript, you will click the CTRL + = at the same time and you will have the same effect X2 X2 Subscript in MS Word is a very useful feature that can help enhance the appearance and readability of your text.

It is a formatting tool that allows you to place certain elements of your text below the baseline, giving it a more streamlined and clean look. Subscript is commonly used in scientific and mathematical formulae, chemical equations and footnotes.

You can easily subscript a character or a group of characters in MS Word by using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+=”. This feature is not only timesaving but also crucial in creating professional documents for academic or professional purposes.

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