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How it Works: Yaioa Gift is a smart global gift giving App that allows you to send Gift to your Friends, Family and loved ones. Download the app on your phone, select the gift of your choice plus the phone number or email of the celebrant and your gift will be delivered in a timely manner across the Globe irrespective of their location with instant SMS alert and push Notification.

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About Yaioa Gift

We have been able to create a more flexible and conducive way to give and receive gift through our online gifting app which caters for both personalised gifts, corporate gift, christmas gift, teacher gift and retirement gifts. Gifting cards like visa gift card, itunes gift card, amazon gift card and other types of gift card are cool and we have them too in stock, but what about a much more flexible gifting option like redeeming the cash equivalent of the gift item instead of the gift item itself, with about a gift basket bundle in form of a gift card, what about a customized gift sender name like YOUR CRUSH, SECRET LOVER, MY DREAM instead of your real name? This and many more other flexible options is what we provide on the Yaioa gift app.

At Yaioa gift since we are not alone but working with a handful of experienced gift Vendors across the globe, we know just about the best gifts for men, birthday gifts for boyfriend, birthday gifts for dad, gifts for guys, gifts for kids, gifts for men, gifts for mom, and gifts for wife. What about Gift Ideas for the right season, reasons and person? Most of the time people find it difficult to make the right gifting decisions, like the confusion and frustration of picking that exact gift ideas that your loved ones or celebrants will admire and cherish you forever, we have also mad these easier and we put in the hard work each day to curate thoughtful birthday present, christmas presents, bridal shower gift ideas, gift ideas for boyfriend, gift ideas for dad, gift ideas for girlfriend, graduation gift ideas, valentines day gift ideas and lots more. We are also open to suggestions, feedbacks, ideas and recommendation to make the gifting process even much more fun and easier, we welcome every suggestions and inputs from you. Gift Receivers or Celebrants can decide to pickup Gift Items at designated location or receive the Cash Equivalent.

Gifting Features

We bielive that the more flexible the option, the better it is for people to use and interact with the Platform. Below we make a highlighted list of the Features available on the Yaioa Gift Platfprm.

  • Send & Recieve Gift Globally

  • Send Corporate Gift with Brand Name

  • Chose from Multiple Reasons for Gifting

  • Redeem Gift In-Store

  • Redeem Gift at Home

  • Redeem Gift in Cash

Safety Guaranteed

  • Gifting Service Guarantee

    24/7 Customer Support till Delivery of Gift Item.

  • Quality Gifts Guranteed

    Quality Products hand-picked from Curated Stores around the World.

  • 100% Insurance of your Gift Purchases

    All your Purchases are Escrowed and can only be Released by you.

Operational Locations

  • United States operational
  • Canada Seeking Partners
  • United Kingdom In Progress
  • Kenya Seeking Partners
  • South Africa Seeking Partners
  • Nigeria Operational
  • Mexico Seeking Partners
  • Brazil Seeking Partners
  • Ghana Seeking Partners
  • Cuba Seeking Partners
  • Autralia Seeking Partners
  • Netherlands Seeking Partners
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