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AppValley serves as an alternative Apple App Store for iOS devices, which permits users to download apps that are not available on the Apple App Store.

In this article, we’ll be giving you insights on AppValley, AppValley download link, how to download AppValley on your iOS device, some of the AppValley features, some AppValley howtos, and some installation problems & how to solve them.

AppValley is an iOS mobile app installer that can be downloaded and installed on the devices of the users who wish to get access to various applications available.

AppValley also helps users use just one platform to download their preferred mobile applications. The App store also contains apps that have been modified or tweaked for user preferences and permit the user to bypass some national restrictions on the use of apps, without having to jailbreak.

As of June 2, 2020, the AppValley App Store has over 1300 apps available for download.

AppValley Features

You might be asking yourself why you need a third-party installer like AppValley. After all, the iOS App Store is full of thousands of apps and games, and every time Apple updates the iOS; they offer you, even more, features anyway.

Well, it’s not the same. AppValley is promoted as an alternative to Cydia, and that means it has a lot of special apps that you won’t get from Apple or the App Store. Here are some of their amazing features;

  1. No Jailbreak Download: This is probably the best feature because you don’t need to alter the default functionality of your iOS device to enjoy the benefits of the app.
  2. Download Apps for Free: All the applications that are available on the latest AppValley app without Jailbreak are free. You can also install some paid apps for free.
  3. Compatibility: AppValley is highly compatible with iOS 7 and higher.
  4. A huge number of apps: AppValley VIP has an enormous database and you can find any type of app you want in one place.
  5. Clean interface: AppValley 2.0 has a clean, sleek, and user-friendly interface. Anyone can easily navigate through the AppValley app to download their favorite apps.
  6. Reliability: Many developers have made AppValley relatively free from bugs and errors by consistently fixing any bugs that users might encounter.
  7. Security: Apps on the updated AppValley app have undergone several security tests to make sure every app is free from malware or viruses.
  8. Update Notifications: Whenever an update for an app is available, you will automatically get a notification. You don’t need to manually check for available app updates.
  9. Faster downloads: You can download apps at a faster speed from AppValley VIP because of its lightning-fast download servers.

AppValley Download Link & How to Download AppValley

Downloading AppValley is very easy. Though the AppValley app isn’t available on the official app store, you can get the app via the AppVally download link below. After downloading, you just need to follow some simple steps.

Configuration Profile Download Link

Here are the steps to download AppValley;

  • Tap on the Download link above to get the AppValley configuration profile.
  • After that, you need to give permission for the profile to download, tap the “Allow” option on the pop-up that appears.

AppValley Download-Tapping Allow

  • After that, you’ll get a notification that your profile has been downloaded

AppValley Download-Profile downloaded notification

  • Now, go to your “Settings” app and go to “Profile Downloaded”.

iPhone Settings app

  • Tap on the AppValley profile, then tap “Install”.

AppValley Download-AppValley Profile download Installing AppValley Download

  • Enter your iOS passcode when asked.

AppVAlley Download-iOS password

  • Then, tap “Install” once again

AppValley Installation confirmation

  • After all these, the app will appear on your home screen.

AppValley Download-AppValley icon

Here’s a YouTube video on AppValley Download on iOS 11, 12 & 13 devices

Common AppValley HowTos

This section of the article will be featuring some of the most common AppValley HowTos. Here’s the first common AppValley Howto;

How to Use AppValley App

  • After downloading the app, open the AppValley app from your iPhone or iPad home screen.
  • After that, tap on your favorite app category.
  • Now you have you can either browse through the list of apps or tweaks available or use the search bar to find it (that’s if you know exactly what you’re looking for).

AppValley Apps AppValley Search

  • When the result appears, tap on the “Get” button to download it.

AppValley Get Button

Here’s a YouTube video on how to download free apps and games from AppValley

How to Trust AppValley

  • Click the AppValley app icon created on your home screen.
  • Take note of the “developer name” in the pop-up after you click the app, then click the Cancel AppValley profile installation.

Untrusted Enterprise Developer

  • After that, go to Settings > General > Profiles.

iPhone Settings appGeneral SettingsiPhone Profile

  • Select the Profile you saw in the second step and click the “Trust” button, then click “Trust” again to complete the AppValley profile installation.

Trust iPhone Distribution

  • After you have followed all the procedures above. Then, you have successfully trusted AppValley.

You shouldn’t worry about this as the AppValley Download link provided in this article doesn’t need to be manually trusted. However, here’s a YouTube video on how to trust AppValley on iOS devices;

How to Delete AppValley

Some of the error solutions require you to delete AppValley. Or you may not want the app after you’ve tried it. However, it is as easy to delete it as it easy to install. Here’s how;

  • Open “Settings” and go to “General”.

iPhone Settings app General Settings

  • Tap on the “Profile”.

iPhone Profile

  • Search for the AppValley profile and tap it.


  • Tap on the “Remove Profile” button.

Remove Profile

  • Then, input your iOS passcode.

AppVAlley Download-iOS password

  • You’ll now need to tap on “Remove”.

Remove Profile

  • After that, the app and its configuration profile will no longer be on your phone.

Here’s a YouTube video on how to delete AppValley on iOS devices;

Common AppValley Problems & Solutions

Though AppValley is one of the most stable and reliable third-party installers and despite being used by a lot of iOS users, there are a few common errors that have been reported over time. Luckily for you, none of those errors are serious and will take little time to fix, leaving you free to enjoy all that AppValley has to offer.

White or Blank Screen

You might experience a white screen or a blank screen that doesn’t have any content. If you encounter it at any point in time, just follow these steps:

  • Open your “Settings” app

iPhone Settings app

  • Search for “Safari” and tap it

Safari Settings

  • Then, Tap on “Clear History and Website Data”.

Clear History and Website Data

  • Try using the app again, and the screen should be back to normal.

Profile Installation Failed

After downloading the profile from the AppValley download link, you need to install it now. When installing an error might appear. This installation error appears often when traffic on the Apple servers is too much and they are struggling to cope. The first thing you should do is to wait for some hours, then try again. If the error persists, even after waiting and trying again, just follow these steps:

  • Enable “Airplane mode” on your device.

iPhone Airplane mode

  • Then, open your “Settings” and tap on “Safari”.

iPhone Settings appSafari Settings

  • After that, just tap on “Clear History & Website Data”.
  • Then, tap on “Clear History and Data”.

Clear History and Website Data

  • Exit the Settings app and Disable Airplane mode.
  • Wait for some minutes and then try the installation steps again – you should be able to install it now.

Untrusted Developer Error

Untrusted Enterprise Developer This error always shows up when you try using custom content for the first time. It is Apple’s way of telling you that they don’t trust the app developer. Just follow the steps below to remove that error;

  • Head over to your iOS “Settings” app
  • After that, tap General > Profiles and Device Management

General SettingsiPhone Profile

  • Tap on the developer name in the sources list and then tap on “Trust”

Trust iPhone Distribution

  • Exit the Settings app, then try again, and the error will no longer appear.

AppValley Won’t Download

This is a very common error, and it’s very easy to solve. You just need to follow the steps below;

  • Delete AppValley from your iPhone or iPad
  • After that, Reboot your device
  • Then, Install the app again

Most times, this happens when users already have a version of the installer on their device and haven’t deleted it before trying to install the latest version. This causes conflict and doesn’t allow you to download a newer version. Hopefully, you shouldn’t face any issue and if you face one, these should be the errors you will face. And with this section of the part, all those issues are pretty easy to fix.


There you have it; AppValley download link, how to download AppValley on your iOS device, some of the AppValley features, some AppValley howtos, and some installation problems & how to solve them.

With this article, you should know all the features and benefits you can get from the AppValley app, how to download the AppValley app, how to perform some basic actions on the AppValley app, and how to solve some of the most common issues.

Also, if you do face an issue that was not featured in this article, kindly drop it in the comment section, and we’ll try our best to find the solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AppValley safe for iOS?

Based on various users’ reviews, AppValley is safe. Also, the app doesn’t need any root access on iOS, so it doesn’t break any security rules.

That implies that it can run in the same way as any other iOS app runs, your warranty is kept safe, and because the installer has been fully secured with SSL encryption. With all these, your safety is guaranteed.

Is AppValley a Jailbreak?

No, the AppValley app isn’t jailbroken. It is an app store for iOS apps. However, you can also download some iPhone jailbreaking apps like Uncover and Chimera from the app.

Why are AppValley Apps Unavailable?

If you don’t see the “Get” option beside every app and the download button appears as “Unavailable“, this means that Apple has revoked the developer profile certificate of AppValley. The solution is to wait for about 24-48 hours before the AppValley team can acquire new certificates.

What are Other Apps like AppValley?

There are a lot of alternatives to the AppValley App store. Here’s a list of some of the most popular alternatives. – TopStoreCokerNutXIgnition appTweakBoxTutu AppApp4iPhoneAppevenCokernutXiPASTORE (Requires Jailbreak) – AppCake (Requires Jailbreak)

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