Cooking Gas

Everything you need to know about Cooking Gas and how to refill your Cooking Gas

Cooking Gas - How to Refill

Do you want to know more about cooking gas, its advantages, disadvantages and more? This article gives you detailed information about cooking gas.

Liquified petroleum gas is also known as Cooking gas, it is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases used in cooking equipment and heating appliances.

In the past years, our mothers used woods also called fire woods for cooking. Going to the thick forest in search for these woods was really stressful for them.

They will go extra miles just in search for these woods, cut them, and use them as firewoods which help them in preparing their meals.

In today’s generation, few women still use these woods and majority of women in Africa today have cooking gas in their homes.

It is also good news that more Nigerians are starting to use cooking gas for different domestic purposes.

This will help decrease the problems of deforestation and help conserve our forest and prevent disasters.

Cooking gas has made cooking easy and stress-free and all you need to do is to refill it when it finishes.

Electricity might have made things easier for us but gas is still the most efficient and sensible way to cook.


Advantages of cooking gas.


Have you ever wondered why professional chefs prefer cooking with gas than electricity? They prefer cooking with gas because gas has many great advantages.?

Here are some of the advantages of using cooking gas;

    Cooking gas gives you better heat control: when using cooking gas control and change the temperature of your stove when cooking different food.

    By using cooking gas, your food is cooked in less time. Gas stoves produce a quick flame thereby, saving time and energy.

    It is cost efficient: cooking gas cooks faster and last longer than electricity thus saving money. Cooking gas is also less expensive than diesel.

    Even heat distribution: When using cooking gas the heat is evenly distributed making the process of cooking easy.

    Cooking gas is more environmentally friendly than oil and coal: By choosing to cook with gas you help save the environment.

    Gas is seen as the cleanest burning fossil fuel which produces less carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and dissolved solids. Thereby improving the quality of air and is less harmful to human and animal’s health.


Disadvantages of cooking gas


Most things in this world have their advantages and disadvantages so are cooking gas. Below are some disadvantages of cooking gas.


    It is highly flammable especially when handled carelessly. Though it one of the cleanest fossil fuels, it is also made of methane. Methane traps heat in the earth’s atmosphere in larger quantities than carbon dioxide thus contributing to global warming.

    Cooking gas can affect the lungs: when gas is burned, air pollution occurs which can cause inflammation in the lungs. The inflammation can cause complications when breathing.

    Respiratory conditions: when using cooking gas especially in homes with improper ventilation increases incidents of respiratory conditions.

    Carbon monoxide poisoning: When using cooking gas, it is possible that poisoning of carbon monoxide will occur. Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and difficult to detect except you use a carbon monoxide detector.

    Symptoms of carbon monoxide include headaches and breathlessness. Too much exposure to this gas can make an individual pass out.

    Exposure to higher gas concentration: Cooking gas fumes also have a high concentration level in homes. Homes that lack adequate ventilation increase the risk of gas pollutants.

    Fumes are produced from some foods that are cooked with gas. These fumes coupled with gas pollutants are dangerous to your health.


Cooking gas cylinders

A cooking gas cylinder is a pressure vessel used for the storage of gas.

cooking gas

Safety use of Gas Cylinders

Cooking gas cylinders are used for heating and cooking. They are filled with liquefied petroleum gas which is highly  flammable and should be handled with great care.


The poor use of these cylinders can cause a disaster or even death. The accidents caused by gas cylinders are due to the following;

    Poor installation

    Inadequate training and supervision

    Poor handling

    Poor storage

    Faulty equipments i.e. badly fitted valves and regulators

    Incorrect filling procedures

    hidden damage

    Poor examination and maintenance

To reduce the risk of an accident, all gas cylinders must be designed and manufactured to an approved standard to withstand everyday use and to prevent danger.

They must be  inspected thoroughly before they are put into service to ensure they conform to the approved standard and be  examined at appropriate intervals to ensure that they remain safe while in service.

Safety tips of using cooking gas that will not harm you, your neighbors and properties. 

1. Install an audible smoke detector around your house

Having a gas cylinder at home invites risks. Most of the fire outbreaks caused at homes is because of the presence of a cooking gas cylinder at home.

The best way to prevent the fire outbreak is to install a smoke detector in the house which will give you a warning signal in case of any hazardous accident.

2. Know your distributors

Make sure you buy your gas cylinder and gas from an authorized dealer or distributor. Buy gas cylinders that are not outdated and worn out because worn out gas cylinders easily cause an accident.

And when refilling the gas make sure you buy from the same distributor cause at times gasses may not always be from the same origin when buying from another dealer.

3.Safely transport your cylinder

when transporting your cylinder, make sure that it sits upright and the valve should face upward. Never roll your cylinder on the ground be it empty or not and don't drop it on the ground with force.

4. Ensure proper storage of the gas cylinder

Gas cylinders are either stored inside or the outside the house. when stored outside, make sure you keep it away from the sun and store it in a cool area. Storing indoors requires you keep the place well ventilated and away from heating source.

Avoid placing your cylinder close to electric sockets and flammable substance and areas where you receive transmission of phone calls, TV, internet browsing etc.

5. Act wisely when you suspect a leak

When you suspect a leak, do not switch on nor off electrical appliances at that time, make sure you turn off the regulator and  open the doors and windows to send out the concentrated gas and put out the gas cylinder in an open ventilated area.

6. Cook safely

When cooking with gas, ensure that your kitchen is highly ventilated by opening the windows . Avoid putting plastics, pan handles or flammable items close to the  flame.

Never cook out of sight as the  flame could build up. Always put off the regulator  when the gas is not in use.

7. Perform the five  safety check at regular intervals

To do this you have to get a qualified gas delivery man or distributor to help you perform the 5-safety check This is necessary when you are moving into a new house. The 5-safety check requires the following:

    1. Checking the regulator to ensure that it is not worn out. They must not be used for more than five years also check the expiring date.

    2. Check the hose clips to ensure that it is firmly secured and in good condition

    3. Check the rubber hose to know if it is expired or worn out.

    4. Check the gas cylinders to ensure that it is free from rust and cracks.

    5. Check the gas leakage through the use of a liquid soap. the bubbles from the soap indicates a leakage. Never use a lighter to test for gas leakage.

8. Heighten gas safety awareness with your household, roommates or neighbors

Make sure your household, roommates, neighbors, are aware of the safety guidelines in the use of gas cookers. Write and paste copies of these reminders at visible areas in your home and kitchen.

Make it a matter of discussions in family meetings and general meetings with neighbors or co-tenants.


 How to start a cooking gas business


The increasing number of people especially in urban areas who makes use of cooking gas has created a good business opportunity for entrepreneurs who will love to trade on cooking gas and cooking gas equipment and make good profits.

Cooking gas business is becoming one of the most lucrative businesses in society today.

Anyone buoyant enough to invest in this business will get customers who will always come back to refill their cylinders.

To be able to run this business smoothly you have to be extra careful to avoid the hazardous situation because the risk of fire explosion is high due to the highly inflammable nature of the liquefied natural gas.

Cooking gas business is very profitable and all you need to start this business is a little income

5 things you need to know before starting a cooking gas business:


1. Start-up capital:

You can actually start this business with at least $500 You can buy more than 20 cylinders, get a shop, and buy the initial products. The cost of the shop depends on the location.

If you want a shop in the highbrow area then get ready to spend more.

2. Get training:

Get training from any retailer or even depots for about six months in order to learn the necessary requirements. Learn how to refill cylinders, change valve, etc. before starting your own business.

3. Rent a shop:

After you must have completed your training, the next thing to do is to get a shop. Look for a good location and rent a shop and get ready to make profits

4. Find out the necessary license and obtain it:

Getting this license can be stressful at times that is why it is advisable to meet an oil and gas consultant who will help you and guide you through the process thus making it easy and less stressful.

5. Marketing:

After setting up your business and you see is running smoothly, you need to employ all the marketing strategies which will keep your business afloat.


Summary: Cooking Gas


I believe you've learned and know more about cooking gas and the use of cooking gas cylinder in this article.

Cooking gas has made the process of cooking easy for people in our society today.

Anyone venturing into this business will benefit a lot because it is highly used by thousands if not millions of people in the society.

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