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Like the name implies, Yaioa is a Global Market Place, a Living Platform and a Dynamic Business Hub where Innovation plays a big role to Simplify our Life's endeavour and the tasks we engages ourselves into each day. If we are to say that Yaioa is a Global Gifting Platform, somehow we could be right but on the other hand we will be dead wrong because Yaioa is more than just a Gifting Platform with new Modules of Technological advancement added every now and then, we can also agree more that it is much more than a Gifting Platform but rather a Global Single Account where you can achive more in no time.

On the Yaioa Platform you can do much more than just sending a Gift, you can Trade, Send Parcel, Hire a Professional, Refill Cooking Gas and lots more which we aren't yet aware of as at the time of this wrinting.

Certain visitors to Yaioa’s websites might meet the a Higher Version of the Platform after this writeup while some will meet it as is but the constant thing about it is that we will keep evolving from time to time as will try as much as possible to keep this page updated too.

How we Started

The need to Solve a Problem and advance the Quality of Life we live from time to time has been an aoustanding occurence in the History of Mankind and this has not only been applicable to one Industry but several niches of Life. Our Founder saw a need to be constantly advancing the Quality of Lives we live through Technological Advancements all in one place and the vision to Develop Yaioa was given birth to.

How it Works

On the Yaioa Platform there are two main Categories of Users, The Vendors: Who Offers top notch Products and Services to Clients with seamless Payment and timely Delivery of Products and the Clients: Who are the End Users, the reason we are here and our Pride.


  1. Signup an Account on the Yaioa Platform and you have access to everything.
  2. Download the Yaioa Gift App on the Playstore and Login
  3. Select the Gift you intend to Send and click Send Gift
  4. Input your Recipient's Phone Number or Email and hit the Send Gift button

Who we are

We are a dedicated Team of Professionals and Business minded Entreprenuers from diverse facets of the Business world, from Banking, Marketing, Software Development down to Business Managemnet. We pride ourselves with the zeal and bond that we have for our Clients and what we do. We are always in search for smart minded Individuals who will be excited to join our Family anytime, anyday.

Our Team

We may not have the best Team in the World but in our own World we have Greatest Team mates here because they are the reason we are where we are today after our Customers.

We have a list of our Executive Team Members listed below and will always endeavour to update these listing as they chnage from time to time.

Have Questions?

If you have any Question to ask about us, our Products, Services or Offerings, Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Once, we will be so glad you did and will pay a listening ear and revert accordingly, as soon as possible.

You can also reach out to us on our Contact us Page or via a direct mail to

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